Top School management software Development Company bangalore, India

School Education management software company Bangalore, India

Students and teachers embrace the exciting educational opportunities of technology from Apple computers to smartphones, iPads, and virtual reality.

A recent survey shows that 75 percent of educators agree that digital content is to replace textbooks by the year 2026. More than 30 million students use Google educational apps such as Gmail and Google Docs. The fact that global ed-tech ventures are projected to grow to 93.76 billion USD by 2020. In reality, it is daunting for educators
to choose which technologies to carry into the classroom. However, most of the schools now think of deploying school management software due to its all-in-one nature.

What is a school management software?

School management software contains a set of technology tools that allow the school to manage its day-to-day activities or functions properly. It is a software-based on the web/cloud with a network of users like students, teachers, and parents who are related to the school. The program incorporates many apps, ranging from attendance to
sending parents progress letters.


Transport Management
Transport management is one of the most imperative features any educational institution can offer. School Management Software to manage transportation alleviates many of the transport issues faced by parents. A transportation management tool offers up-to-date information about bus and stops, GPS tracking, travel assistance, student transport details, transport costs, and vehicle detail.

Attendance Management

Automatic tracking and record of attendance will definitely be a future-proof way to improve the productivity of the users. The control unit of the school attendance tracks the involvement of students. Involvement shall be sessional or class-specific. The biometric attendance helps to quickly track students, which reduces errors in the
manual calculation of attendance.

Timetable Management

Timetable management is also an important feature of education technology. The schedule for students and teachers is maintained and revised in this section. This sets the daily schedules for lessons, future events, and holiday statements.

Student Information

It facilitates real-time access to students’ grades, schedules, addresses, and data about parents, disciplinary records, extracurricular activities, and other reports. This School Management system allows you to keep track of all student registration information. For easy validation, adjustment, or upgrading, all the data from each student is available here in this.

Online Assignments and Evaluation

If necessary, teachers may provide each student with individual assessments according to their knowledge level. For such purposes, teachers can do online evaluations. Here, teachers can assign homework and project works through the online medium of the school management software development company in Bangalore, India.

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Parent-Teacher Collaboration
  • Library Management
  • HR and Payroll Management
  • Reports Management
  • Fee Management

There is no question that education will remain important and essential always. Students and people will still need to adapt to technology, want to learn and be inspired to improve themselves. Numerous studies show that the ed-tech sector will continue to rise in the coming years. So the only thing left is for every school to be ready for it.

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