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Mobile Application Development for Better Customer Interaction

We are here to deliver your vision of mobile application development into reality. No matter what your business is, no matter what industry you belong to, we help you with the robust mobile apps development services. Having a presence globally, our top-notch mobile development solutions have helped hundreds of startups and enterprises to get their required apps for different products and services. We make use of modern and smart technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and IoT, enabling us to develop intelligent mobile apps for all customers. We create intelligent and automated mobile applications that empower people of all ages. We use advanced engineering systems for producing customized apps. We develop iOS, Android, hybrid, and PWA applications and our development services for cross-platform mobile applications make use of JavaScript, an intermediate language to the operating system of the device.  We leverage React Native, NativeScript, NativeScript, and Xamarin to develop cross-platform apps across iOS and Android.

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Our Impeccable Mobile App Development Services

At Indglobal, we are highly dedicated to meet all the clients’ customized requirements with all understanding of the advanced technologies. We deliver the best mobile app development services with the help of our creative team of developers, designers, and engineers. Mobile phones and app usage has grown to leaps and bounds in recent years, and there are no signs of stoppage. According to business requirements, there are a plethora of demands for developing mobile apps. To keep pace with those demands, we are entirely into exploration, learning, and implementing ways to make the app development process better.

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Native iOS Mobile Application

Having a trusted iOS app development team with creative and talented developers and engineers, we are proficient in iOS SDK with Objective-C, Swift/Kotlin, and C technologies. We are into the creative development of apps for iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch.

Native Android Mobile Application

We have a team of the best Java developers who perform clean coding via respective Java kit platforms. Our brilliant mobile application development services enable you to benefit from Android smartphones and tablets.

Hybrid Mobile Applications

We leverage HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to develop HTML5 hybrid mobile apps where we get a User Interface with an embedded web browser. The hybrid mobile applications will allow using a single code for multiple mobile platforms or websites, and also to get access to all features of native devices.

Progressive Web Applications

We develop PWA that are amazing and function like mobile applications, and in turn, benefit the users since they do not require installing or downloading on the devices. PWA’s are famous for their offline availability, faster page loading, and push notifications. PWA development is beneficial at par.

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End-to-end mobile development services for startups and enterprises.

It’s easy for us to start and support you throughout your business journey. In the fiercely competitive digital world, we provide a secure environment for startups where we build trust and confidence for you.
Maintain your brand image with the best deliverables for your audience through our robust mobile applications for your businesses. Scale up your apps to new heights, regularly upgrade with Indglobal.

At Indglobal, we focus on two major types of working models.

Our fixed cost model works on the predefined sum with our customers, and they do not need to pay anything extra other than the finalized price, in the process of execution.
Our dedicated model is applicable for long-term projects where lots of transformations may occur, but with an objective. However, the prices are affordable.
We Also Build

Advanced technology based mobile apps

We make use of innovative technologies- Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to build simple and responsive apps.
Highly applicable to all industries, AR/VR mobile apps make it possible for real-world like experience with a complete/partial immersion.

Benefits of Mobile App Development

Improvement in Efficiency

Mobile application development services will help in bringing smooth operations in businesses, especially E-commerce businesses, that enhances the organization’s efficiency.

Faster and Simple to Use

Mobile applications present a simplified form of business on fingertips; it provides faster access to products and services via a responsive platform.

Convenient Mobile Payments

The e-commerce industry has the most requirement for mobile applications, and it is mandatory to have secure means for money transactions through a wallet or net banking or credit/debit cards.

Real-time Customer Engagement

Customers are the utmost priority for businesses, and whenever a business offers a mobile application for its products or services, the app will maintain information about past purchases, current preferences, and real-time situations.

Enhance Brand Awareness

Mobile apps are an excellent medium of enhancing brand awareness; creating a mobile app will help in promoting one’s offerings to people worldwide. Mobile apps enable enhanced sales support, marketing communications, technical assistance, and customer services.

Enhanced Customer Relationship

It is essential to maintain a long-term association with the customers for an everlasting successful business. Mobile apps are quick ways to get in touch with customers and create a constant communication channel.

High Scalability

Mobile apps are highly scalable and make it easier for handling extensive database, processing, networking, and adapting to all systems. It makes it possible to manage increased demand and enables business growth.

Secure Apps

A secure mobile app will protect users’ rights and data. Therefore, it is necessary to include a secure transactional method and protected systems that help gain assurance of the users.

Easy to maintain

Mobile apps make it easier to update information regarding products and services, or any additional upgrade if necessary. It is a convenient mode to announce any changes to the audience at a large-scale.


Need a custom & agile-driven mobile app development services?


High Competency

Our expert app development team takes care of building all mobile applications for any industry vertical. Having an attitude of solving problems with an innovative approach is what our team possesses. Thus, we have that zeal to offer you highly competent app developers.

Uncompromisable Quality

A mobile application with the highest quality and standards is imminent; this is what we strive to create. Our rigorous testing and upgrade services ensure that we provide robust apps to our customers. We listen to each of your requirements and understand those to create steadfast apps.

Flawless App Extension

We can perform app extensions that allow us to extend custom functionality beyond app features. We follow all the various technologies, approaches, and programming languages, including Java, JavaScript, PHP, and Python, according to the ever-changing digital world.

Effective Testing Strategies

We believe that our enterprise-level testing is the most significant aspect of mobile app development. Thus, we undergo all necessary testing processes ensuring a flawless app development and functioning. Knowing the latest testing tools, we offer the best app execution for you.



We protect the confidentiality of all ideas and the development of mobile apps through the Non-disclosure Agreement (NDA). When NDA is signed between the two parties, it is a mutual agreement not to share any information about the project to the third party.

Yes, we do provide 100% support and maintenance services even after the final delivery of mobile app development services to our customers.

The Support and Maintenance services may include migration of data from one server to another, optimization of server performance, modifications due to regulatory concerns, minor/major/incremental enhancements, or any other form of upgrade/maintenance requirements.

The time-frame needed to develop an application depends upon the complexity and type of your mobile app.  It can take from 3 months to 6 months to create and execute a fully-fledged mobile application. To know the accurate time-frame, please ensure to get in touch with our experts through our website

The various steps that we undergo to develop mobile applications include Analysis of Requirements, Wireframing & Designing, Development, Testing, and Deployment.

Our project is divided into different phases, and we charge based on the completion of each segment or achieving a milestone in the development process. So, clients are required to release the payment for the specific milestone, one amount at a time, till the completion.

It will depend upon the type of modification needed; some may be free of cost, and some may require additional cost.


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