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Accelerating Business Processes via ERP Software Implementation

Enterprise Resource Planning software or ERP software is a system that integrates enterprise-wide processes completely. Today, it is ubiquitous in all sizes of organizations, be it large, small or medium-sized. The growth and success of ERP development and adoption increased in recent years as the legacy systems were highly incapable of extending to supportive modules like CRM, Project Management, Marketing Automation and other modules. Ideally, ERP renders a single database comprising all data for the software modules like Manufacturing, Inventory, CRM, Finance, Project Management, Human Resource, and Quality Control. Therefore, all kinds of organizations can streamline their business processes and assuredly benefit from the custom ERP software development that an experienced IT service providing company like Indglobal offers.

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  • Enhance Return On Investments
  • Customized Solutions for any business
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Customized ERP Development
  • Flexibility and Mobility
  • Interactive Dashboards
  • API development and Integration
  • Integration with other software
  • ERP Plugins Development
  • Hosting Options – Cloud or On Premise
  • Update or Modify existing Features for Modules
  • Data Security
ERP Software Migration Solutions
  • Platform Migration Services
  • System Migration Services
  • On-premise to Cloud Migration
  • Smooth migration of data
  • Flawless Migration process

We Offer ERP Software Services

Odoo ERP

A one-stop solution to cover all your business requirements by facilitating fully automated processes.

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Guaranteeing greater business control, streamlined business process, and quicker software deployment.

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Tally ERP

State-of-the-art software for accounting, payroll, and inventory management with GST compliant invoicing.

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Fully Customized ERP

Highly flexible, adaptable, and customization ERP that enables you to quickly make changes according to business goals.

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Odoo ERP Solutions

With the best Odoo ERP software development solution & services company, you can achieve the right solutions for your business process integration and streamline all processes across departments. Many advantages can be experienced with Odoo ERP software in an organization, some of these are described here.

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CRM, Sales and Marketing Automation

Get the genuine client-driven Odoo CRM and sales module upheld up with user-focussed Point-of-Sale and Marketing automation techniques and maintain a strategic distance from the revenue spillages by close tracking of leads and market opportunities.

Streamline/Integrate All Processes

Experience no more silos in the workplace and streamline the core functionality of businesses that include manufacturing, inventory, purchasing, sales, and accounting, etc. You can explore over 20 different modules under “Odoo ERP”.

Boost Operational Efficiency

Boost the effectivity and efficiency of the business operations through Odoo ERP solutions for daily timesheets, project management, work progress monitoring, Odoo Helpdesk, and managing expenses, to name a few. Also, flawless management of inventory, purchase, and PM makes it possible for smooth operations.

Hassle free Finance Management

Make it simple with dashboards for balance sheet, earnings reports, and cash flow statements regularly. Integrating the accounting departments with sales, procurement, distribution, etc. will enable accessing real-time data at any point of time. Also, creating online invoicing and simplifying daily accounting tasks with varied tools is possible.

SAP Business One Solutions

We’ve been flawlessly using the best industry practices at our workplace to introduce and execute first-rate SAP ERP solutions to render maximum benefits and seamless project management. Working as SAP partners, we have broad involvement in implementing ERP services to our customers. Its advantages include integrated Business Intelligence, integration with other platforms, quick deployment and on-premise or cloud deployment allows multitudinous opportunities.

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Mobility Solutions

In the world of digitization, busy sales teams are relieved with SAP Business One Sales mobile app for Android and iOS. They can manage customer accounts, manage leads, view stock and place orders through the convenient app.

Powerful and Intuitive Tools

Draw intelligent business reports with minimum IT overhead, interactive analysis, and workflow-based alerts. Also, enable powerful data visualizations and make faster and reliable decisions through enhanced reports via SAP Business One powerful tools.

Interactive Dashboards

Design interactive dashboards and reports helping to track costs, revenues and cash flow with real-time data. Powerful SAP Business One analytics system with the support of on-demand standard or ad hoc reports will enable to access information faster and accurately.

Industry-based Solutions

Certain SAP Business One capabilities help to attain industry-specific best practices and functionalities designed for small and midsize businesses. Be it for Consumer products, Manufacturing, Warehousing & Distribution, SAP Business One solutions are applicable for all.

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Distribution & Retail






Logistics & Transportation


Sports & Entertainment

Consumer Durables

Benefits of ERP Software

Facilitating Day-to-Day Management

Accurate decision-making, adherence to company rules and standards, innovative schemes for improvement and improved customer care service are some of the essential requirements in an organization and it is made possible with ERP software integration.

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Helpful in Enhancing Efficiency

ERP aids in creating enhanced product values, maximizing efficiencies, streamlining operations, and managing enterprise resources. Its strengthened support to the organization is priceless and outcomes are excellent.

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Refined Analysis

ERP allows measuring the performance of an organization with detailed and refined analysis of reports. It also allows to get deep insights and help in knowing improvement areas if existing anywhere in the operations or any other department.

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Quantifiable Benefits

Some of the measurable and profitable outcomes in an organization due to enterprise resource planning software implementation are a reduction in inventory, labor, material costs and overhead costs. You can achieve an exact percentage and numbers that have resulted in the profits.

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Powerful Interaction

ERP enables to better deal with customers and vendors. Its latest tranquil user interface makes it fully employee friendly which in turn create synchronized atmosphere to work in an organization. With software improvements in areas like customer service and sales, better negotiation with vendor for prices, stock maintenance, demand forecasting & delivery problems, ERP is highly preferable.

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ERP Benefits on Accounting Management

Improved Accounting controls, Benefits on Balance Sheet and Benefits on the Income statement, Daily Cash flows, Real time data on Expenditures, etc. are some of the ERP benefits for convenient business management. In the absence of ERP software in an organization, these areas might be difficult and complicated to oversee.

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ERP Modules

  • Marketing Automation
  • Sales and CRM
  • Purchase Management
  • SCM & Manufacturing
  • Inventory & Warehouse Management
  • Project Management
  • Distribution Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Quality Management

We deliver software platforms and technologies to your marketing unit helping effectively to market on varied online & offline channels with automated task performance. This is possible through our robust erp software migration. Marketing automation is a crucial ERP module that automates online & offline marketing, thereby enhances brand awareness, lead generation and business efficiency. You can target customers, leads, and prospects with automated messages across web, email, and social media.

ERP Sales and CRM module help midsize manufacturing and distribution companies in boosting customer relationships and sales activities, resulting in increased profitability and customer service. Allow yourself to manage leads, follow-up reminders and target groups in a convenient manner. All organizational functions including order scheduling, order placement, and shipping can be smoothly performed; it can be also integrated with e-commerce websites.

ERP Purchase Management Module simplifies the processes which are part of the procurement of raw materials or items in an organization. The module consists of all functionalities including a request to vendors, quotations analysis, purchase orders authorization, stocks update, supplier/vendor listing, report update, and many more. Our ERP software implementation with the Purchasing module ensures the required materials of the right- quality, price and quantity at the right time leading to the flawless performance of the organization.

With Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing module in ERP, you can effectively manage the flow of product items. The product flow occurring from manufacturer to consumer and consumer to manufacturer get a smooth ERP software management system to oversee demand and supply management, shipping, tracking, sales returns/replacing process, real-time data, time consumed in production or manufacturing, to name a few.

We render services for ERP development consisting of Inventory and Warehouse management modules which facilitate the movement of finished goods through the production cycle. It empowers smooth functionality for logistics, orders, barcode printing, shipping, billing, inventory control, etc. Its importance lies in the fact that it manages activities from acquisition to final shipping and controls invoicing and sales order management.

Organize, schedule, plan and analyze your project timelines, and manage cost, accounting and billing through the ERP project management module. With this, you can distribute your teams across projects and effectively plan with forecasting of estimated project deadlines and also perform real timesheets comparison. Assigning your team for improved work collaboration and enhance project efficiency is easy through this module. Thus, ERP software enables more visibility and better-organized processes.

Distribution management ERP module is a component of the logistics module and it helps the users in issues related to the sales orders, billing, and quotations. One can conveniently observe open orders, forecast activities, and sales activities. Effective distribution management helps distributors and wholesalers to carry out smooth business cycle leading to great profits.

Professionals can use the Human Resource ERP module for the effective HR management activities including employee information, track employee records, performance reviews, skill matrix, attendance and managing payroll system. Payroll system management allows tracking important aspects like reimbursement and travel expenses. One can also easily get access to database management software that also includes salary details and contact information.

Accounting and Invoicing activities can be easily managed through ERP financial management module. One can manage bill timesheets, contracts, recurring invoices, payments, and simplify accounting by keeping track of bank account activities and invoice status. All paid, unpaid and drafts records can be reviewed through the Accounting and Finance ERP module. You can automate follow-ups and also send reminders to the debtors instantly. Create earnings report, cash flow statements or balance sheet at ease.

Quality Management ERP Module will help the organization to manage raw materials, work in progress, and end products flawlessly. It ensures that all processes including procurement, production, and distribution are highly effective. Thus, we can say that it incorporates the entire supply chain quality operations management. Having Quality management ERP module embedded in the system, all tasks related to quality planning, quality control, and inspection are effortlessly executed.




Odoo Point of Sale system is based upon a simple and user-friendly interface and it can be used offline or online on smart devices including iPads, laptops and Android tablets. It works in coordination with different modules and fully integrated with Accounting and Inventory applications. It is greatly beneficial to oversee a plethora of activities in the business including payments, store management, checkout, customer & loyalty, products, restaurant management, and web application.

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Odoo Inventory Management

Odoo Inventory Management

We develop Odoo inventory management software which is applicable in maximizing warehouse efficiency, this modern and online automated system can profitably oversee inventory components of supply chain management. Easy supervision for a flow of goods/products from manufacturers to warehouses to point of sale will boost business operations. Odoo ERP for inventory management improves performances; it is beneficial in reducing the processing time; one can use automated RFQs and order points for an effective supply chain of an organization.
Access real-time reports with Odoo inventory and get a double-entry reporting system to track every stock move from purchase to warehouse bin to the sales order.

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Indglobal’s Odoo ERP Salon Management Solutions

Indglobal’s Odoo ERP Salon Management Solutions


  • Easy Booking and Scheduling
  • Staff/Beautician Configuration
  • Staff/Beautician Management
  • Staff/Beautician Commission Management
  • Chair management and Allocation
  • Customer Management
  • Order Execution
  • Analysis of Revenue/Sales Report
  • Membership Enrollment
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Field Service Management

Field Service Management



  • Customers: Making a call to Call center
  • Service Ticket Creation
  • Engineer Allocation


  • Appointment, Visit, Repair
  • Spares/Unit Replacement


  • TAT Clock
  • Claim Management
  • Asset Management: Serial number update, Warranty Reset

The other on-going processes include:


  • Manufacture/Replenish Products
  • Contracts (Warranty/Guarantee/AMC)


  •   HO
  •   Branch
  •   ASP (Skillset, Load factor)


  • Service Ticket Reopen
  • Feedback Call


  • Purchase
  • Transfers
  • Inventory
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Why is ERP software integration Pivotal for your business?

ERP Streamlines Processes

The main objective of ERP is to integrate data and processes from all areas of an organization and streamline them into a system which is easily accessible and manageable. ERP Software Testing & Implementation Services from a reliable and experienced company like IndGlobal will take you to greater heights.

ERP Improves Productivity

With ERP implementation, you will achieve a single system which can monitor all aspects of an organization & can operate in harmony as opposed to the traditional system where every single system needed to be compatible with each other. This has led to increased productivity and reduced dependence on fewer types of software.

Cross-functional and Enterprise-Wide

ERP software is cross-functional with a minimum amount of errors and intuitive use of the application. People from all departments including finance, marketing, operations, and human resources departments can easily manage their respective database with a single database and therefore ERP is enterprise-wide application.

Enhances Employee Productivity

Increase employee productivity by reducing time consumed on physical purchase requests and approvals. Just like this being one of the processes in the Purchase Management, other features are taken care with automated system that send notifications and facilitate autonomous functioning.

Highly Cost-effective

With ERP, businesses can control costs by preventing unwanted processes and cut operational costs and lessen error potential caused due to duplications and paperwork. It also decreases inventory cost, material costs, labor, and overhead costs.

Small, Medium to Large Enterprises

ERP is for all sizes of businesses; Be it Odoo, SAP Business One or MS Dynamics, we provide upon the suitability of customers. Many big players like Oracle, SAP, and PeopleSoft have been doing stupendously well in the ERP outsourcing market, newcomers like Odoo are emerging at 10x rate than the big players. We have partnered with a few of them to deliver the best ERP software services to you.



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