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The Best Custom Erp Service Providers

ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and ERP software integration is essential for companies to stay ahead in the market competitiveness. It helps to streamline various processes across the entire organization. Being a renowned ERP software company, IndGlobal addresses the needs of enterprises for management of information flow across multiple platforms. Thus, we provide efficient services and help in integration of different departments, such as sales and distribution, customer service, finance, manufacturing, human resource, supply chain, warehouse, quality assurance and testing, in one easy-to-use platform. This results in gaining a high competitive edge and growth expansion in a cost-efficient manner.

Helping small businesses with best ERP software, we assist them in business planning, administration and also optimization of internal business processes. The different modules of businesses need to be in-line and well-managed. ERP aids for business transformation and helps to excel in the world of digital technology.

Why Erp Software Development At Indglobal

At IndGlobal, our first-rate developers for ERP system software assist in accomplishing successful projects’ results. We aid in streamlining the business operations and processes. As a result, the tangible Returns on Investment (ROI) of a business establishment enhance leading towards growth and expansion. We ensure that businesses choose that suitable ERP system for themselves and we support them at every step even after project execution.
1. We adopt the best practises from some of the top proprietary ERP systems worldwide like SAP and MS Dynamics and implement the same in our custom solutions
2. Our ERP solution is quick to customize and deploy, leading to a faster time to implementation
3. Most ERP Implementations suffer due to bad UI and resistance from internal teams towards adopting a new system. We focus on user experience and provide a seamless user interface, thus increasing the ease of adoption.
4. Flexibility – Most ERP systems are bloated and difficult or sometimes even impossible to customise past a certain limit. With our open source and modular architecture, there are no limits to customisation.
Want a third party payment gateway integrated? Possible. Want a new task management system built? Possible. Want a complex manufacturing process customized? Possible!


With ERP adoption in businesses, a smooth workflow and intra- and inter-department communication occurs. It helps to gear up the business potential and move on the digital roadmap. Complex business processes are simplified and automated through ERP integration.

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Highly Efficient Functionality

ERP development in an organization leads to enhanced functionality and productivity. Management of enormous volumes of data through robust software gives a relief in decision making process, and faster decisions leads to improved efficiency.


Bringing each unit of a business in-line is ERP’s objective. All vendors, alliance partners and support functions units come together and improve overall data processing in an organization. This leads to a common goal and better alignment among all stakeholders.


Having agile ERP software integration, one can learn and achieve great heights in business. New opportunities and better insights develop enabling to reach further with sustainable competitive advantage.


Ensuring regulatory compliance, ERP helps in mitigating risks associated with a business operation. It also helps alleviate marketing costs, inventory costs, operational cost and product cost.


ERP benefits services quality and standards which results in surpassing the expectations of customers. This results in high customer satisfaction and long-term establishments of relationship with them in a professional manner.


Despite the differences in the various business modules, ERP ensures a seamless flow of data among these. It allows transparent operations and flexible operations within the ever-changing system of an enterprise. Also, provides support and connectivity to other entities in an organization.


Having our ERP system in your organization will incorporate a common and centralized DBMS (Database Management System). All departments and modules can have access to the data maintained in the ERP system, which is consistent and free of redundancy. Thus, ERP assists in eliminating flaws created by the distributed database system.

Role Of Erp Software Solutions In Varied Departments


  • Improves response to transforming market
  • Helps a business to become more competitive
  • Lean manufacturing practices Helps management of costs
  • Reduction in overheads


  • Manages financial and reporting work for realizing regulatory compliance
  • Reduced risks through financial controls and improved data integrity
  • Streamlines financial management process
  • Automated invoice generation

Human Resource

  • ERP software manages the complete information about employees
  • Convenient leave management
  • Streamlining approval mechanism
  • Tracking information about individuals
  • Managing various assignments

Inventory Management

  • Standardization of technical and non-technical assets
  • Optimization of warehouse management
  • Easy Tracking of real-time inventory
  • Complete control of stock movement processes

Procurement Management

  • Cost-effective solution for material requirements planning
  • Enables an organized manner of procurement process
  • Takes care of unique business requirements
  • Automated back office functions assist in easy business management
  • 360 degree visibility into supplier risk, performance and relations
  • Effective purchasing process of goods, services or works

Production Management

  • ERP software aids in generating automated product ordering
  • An integrated approach for production planning
  • Getting accurate demand forecasting
  • Enhances overall production efficiency
  • Assured On-time delivery of customer services
  • Looks into ‘what-if’ situations

Project Management

  • Streamlining of Initiation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring/Control, and Closure
  • Improved visibility of project budgets
  • Allocation of the right work to the right people
  • Strong project-closing and vigilant project management
  • Effective communication with stakeholders, subordinates and peers

Sales Management

  • Driving profit with effective sales management
  • Development of powerful sales force
  • Accurate pricing and seamless reporting process
  • Zero redundancy in the sales workflow
  • Round the clock management for supporting customer journey

Supply Chain Management

  • ERP Software integration enabled technical assistance
  • Well-managed key business operations with enhanced visibility
  • Faultless inbound and outbound supply chain processes
  • A robust tool enabling error-free strategies and processes for supply chain
  • Faster framework for excellent SCM


  • Seamless administration of business processes, related to the orders of goods or services.
  • Efficient Order management via convenient tracking and fulfilling sales orders; people, suppliers, and processes create a positive customer experience.
  • High sales accountability through order tracking for customers.
  • Availability of detailed log reports related to order and shipments for customers.
  • Management of all business modules including finances, operations, logistics and inventory in one place.


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