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SAP solutions like SAP S/4 HANA are popularly used in large enterprises, and SAP Business One is a Tier-two ERP software for small businesses. There are a huge number of businesses and of different sizes, every kind of business has to be sound in efficiency and profitability to compete in the market. SAP Business One ERP software allows businesses to gain many advantages including-

  • Integration and Standardization of Business Operations
  • Better Business insights and analysis
  • Cost-effective system
  • Elevated scalability
  • Increased employee trust in business data
  • Automated workflow with zero errors
  • Management with real-time information
  • Full utilization of project/talent resources
  • No complexities for running businesses
  • Identify revenue leakages
  • Track/report regulatory compliance

Why is it Favorite of SMEs?

  • Low cost of ownership/Affordable
  • All-in-one comprehensive solution
  • Faster and convenient
  • Powerful and scalable
  • Caters to specific industry needs
  • Global user base


Best Capabilities of SAP Business One

SAP Business One ERP development, automation
Financial management

With SAP Business One ERP development, automation of accounting tasks and banking activities takes place. It is easier to integrate financial operations with other processes to quicken transactions and improve cash flow.

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SAP Business One ERP implementation
Sales and customer management

SAP Business One ERP implementation will let you manage the entire sales process with an efficient customer lifecycle that helps to get an integrated data of prospects, leads, and customers. This helps in better understanding and meeting the needs of customers efficiently.

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SAP B1 ERP Software
Purchasing and inventory control

With SAP B1 ERP Software, you can access accurate insight on inbound/outbound shipments, item location, and inventory levels. Run real-time updates, valuations, availability, and pricing impact reports.

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Business One SAP's ERP software
Analytics and reporting

Business One SAP's ERP software will help to gather data from multiple sources and produce timely and accurate reports based on massive volumes of company data. One can get a variety of options including report formats, configurations, and dashboards.

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SAP Business One ERP with a software development
Industry solutions

One can avail best practices, varied features and functionalities enabled by SAP Business One ERP with a software development kit, and other over 500 add-on options.

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SAP Business One solution provides

SAP Business One solution provides intuitive mobile access that helps your teams to view real-time reports, manage sales, check inventory, operational activities, receive alerts and service tickets.

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Find Out More about Functionalities of SAP Business One ERP software



  • Automation of all accounting processes
  • Manage all controlling activities with great accuracy
  • Perform fixed asset management smoothly
  • Processing of reconciliations/bank statements/payments faster
  • SAP Business One software enables customized reports with real-time data
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  • Managing sales and opportunity: Tracking sales activities, lead and customer management
  • Using SAP Business One ERP, you can create, manage, and analyze marketing campaigns
  • Hassle-free customer management solutions with secure data storage and Microsoft Outlook
  • Service Management: An efficient medium for managing warranty contracts and service calls
  • Use templates to design reports, forecasting and pipeline tracking
  • Mobile sales to empower sales activities anytime and anywhere
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  • Improve audits and procurement processes
  • User-friendly interface for massive volumes of data management
  • Experience flawless warehouse management and purchase planning
  • Optimising supply-chain relationships and lowering costs
  • Generating integrated and real-time data based reports
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  • Get work faster and smartly done with convenient mobile accessibility
  • Use SAP Business One sales mobile app to manage customer and leads
  • Immediate access to data on the move is highly helpful.
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We Cover Sap Business One Development for Different Domains

  • SAP Business One for Life Sciences
  • SAP for Consumer Products
  • SAP for Manufacturing
  • SAP for Professional Services
  • SAP for Retail
  • SAP for Wholesale Distribution

SAP Business One Solutions are very helpful for life science organizations as it supports complex supply-chain management, tracking materials, and transactions. Also, it complies with quality standards. SAP for life sciences will provide support for plant maintenance, multi-location, recall management, e-signature, etc.

SAP allows a wide integration opportunity for manufacturers to get easy management with retail stores, suppliers and e-commerce arenas. A seamless 3PL and EDI integration are possible with SAP and a robust CRM will facilitate easy marketing campaign management. SAP for Consumer Manufacturers empowers enhanced analytics which is powered by SAP HANA.

SAP for Manufacturing is capable of managing complex supply chains, tracking production, multi-location shipping, just-in-time delivery, and oversee communication with vendors and suppliers. It helps in attaining flexible manufacturing strategies, shortened time-to-market, and collaboration across departments.

Getting SAP for Professional Service Organizations will help in identifying revenue leakages, track and report regulatory compliance and full utilization of talent resources. One can use SAP software to manage projects in real-time and other service organizations’ needs. It results in increased client satisfaction and transparency across all projects.

SAP Business One ERP development for Retail helps businesses handle complicated processes for supply chain management, fulfill customer support for omnichannel requirements, easy management of multiple supplier/retail outlets, connect with e-commerce mediums and also accurate forecast of product demand. Retail businesses also get access to enhanced analytics powered by solutions like SAP HANA.

SAP digital business services will allow flawless wholesale distribution with easy management of logistics, supply chain, warehousing, inventory, promotional pricing, rebate offers and e-commerce. SAP Business One ERP system will enable accurate quoting, estimating, landed cost calculations, order processing, demand planning and connectivity with internet portals.

Why Indglobal for SAP Business One Business Management Software

We’ve been flawlessly using the best industry practices at our workplace to introduce and execute first-rate SAP Business One ERP solutions to render maximum benefits and seamless project management. Working as SAP partners, we have a huge involvement in implementing ERP services for our customers. Its advantages include integrated Business Intelligence, integration with other platforms, quick deployment and on-premise or cloud deployment that allow multitudinous opportunities.

SAP delivery digital business services
We deliver top Industry-based SAP solutions

Our services for SAP Business One solutions help small and midsize businesses to attain industry-specific best practices and functionalities. Be it for Consumer products, Manufacturing, Warehousing or Distribution, SAP Business One applications are beneficial for all.

SAP Business One ERP module development services,
We provide comprehensive SAP ERP modules

With SAP Business One ERP module development services, we will enable you to manage all processes from Purchase to Manufacturing, Accounting, Inventory to distribution at ease. For example, from the sales module, one can take care of all involved processes like marketing campaigns, customer management, service management, reporting analysis, sales & opportunity management.

SAP Business One development services
Attain Secure and Highly-compliant ERP systems

Our SAP Business One development services will ensure your data security and reliability in the cloud and on-premise data center. It will further help you focus on customer relationships and businesses with security operations and high standard processes.

SAP Business One ERP technologies,
Profound Experience With Elite Clientele

With our team having experience in working with the latest SAP Business One ERP technologies, allow us to develop advanced solutions for robust ERP development. We have served over 1K clients worldwide with more than 1400 successful project execution.


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