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At IndGlobal, we render best-in-class result-driven UX Research and Design development services. With varying requirements of different businesses, we provide customized solutions, user-friendly and convenient. With effective UI/UX design services, we communicate about your brand to your customers. We create attractive user interface designs with usage of latest web, VR/AR, mobile and machine learning tools experience.




User Research allows us to get a fair idea about the kind of service needed by the client for User Experience or User Interface. It assists us to build the most suitable kind of prototype with the help of our dedicated designers, developers, and engineers. When we perform quantitative and quantitative research related to market size, demographics and user behavior, we make use of extensive User Research to create a prototype and UX. Our unique approach for User Research includes Usability Testing, where we develop user-centered interaction for evaluating a product and testing on the users. This helps us to…

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Look and Feel Design

Look and Feel is a term associated with the “Designing” of the website or mobile development. It allows getting an initial design or visual display of the entire web service or application. This is done by improving all the elements of the website including layout, color, theme, imagery, typography, navigation, design, responsiveness, content upload, and CTA. Delivering all of these in a unique and user-friendly manner makes the look and feel design highly fascinating. At IndGlobal, our troupe of designers, developers, and engineers work together to get the best service for you. They take care of all the aspects of…

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IA & Wireframes

The content is an essential component of any digital product for valuing and evaluating the digital platform of a particular brand or product. For a digital product, it is highly required to create and keep a well-structured and constructed visual component. The designing of this component is what we call UI design. When we speak of UI design, Information Architecture (IA) is one of the most critical processes of web designing. The IA is designed to organize content so that consumers can readily adapt to the product features and discover all they need without much effort. It allows users to…

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