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Explore the top-notch custom software development company available globally in major countries/regions including India, the US, the UK, the UAE, Australia, and Estonia. We at IndGlobal provides a wonderful opportunity for start-ups and enterprises including SMEs to avail services from the highly trusted partner.



ReactJS Development

Known as the open source JavaScript library, ReactJS has enabled building User Interfaces (UI) for popular brands like Netflix, Facebook, CourseEra, Instagram and Yahoo. At IndGlobal, we are focused on complete UI development using ReactJS. It is apt for pixel-perfect applications that provide you top-most ease and convenience. Highly interactive and rich web apps are possible through ReactJS development. We render development services for real-time updates for scores, news, and social media newsfeed, etc., created with the help of this open source framework. Our SEO-friendly services provided by our talented pool of ReactJS developers assist businesses to have enhanced SERP…

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Learning Management System Software Solutions Bangalore, India

E-learning software or a learning management system (LMS) is very helpful in the administration, tracking, documentation, reporting, and delivery of training programs. It oversees educational courses and learning or development programs. Today, it is much more convenient to take the learning of varied domains and subjects with the help of internet and online resources. People can fulfill their desire for advanced education with the assistance of e-learning software that enables disseminating a wide range of content based on the respective courses. Custom e-learning solutions in India for a business can be achieved with the help of companies having dedicated and…

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Hospital Management System Software

A smart way to manage hospital is with the latest technology based software where all associated professionals and patients can access to an interactive platform. Indglobal is a trusted company with complete solutions for hospital management software in Bangalore having HIPAA security. We develop software and applications with complete and modern features and also with affordable cost of hospital management software. Different users can access the software for respective data, including doctor, admin, super admin, accountant, radiologist, nurse, patient, and receptionist. Different user panels are available in the software each of these professionals/individuals. This way, we help you get smarter…

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Healthcare Mobile App Development

The healthcare sector needs immediate attention and why to lag it behind in the digital world when it is the topmost priority? We at Indglobal cover healthcare mobile apps services for the customers worldwide. It is a better alternative for people to opt for trendy mobile healthcare apps when it brings a lot of convenience to the medical practitioners as well as receivers. It cannot be simply denied how IT has simplified the lives of people with better management and faster approaches. In hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, laboratories, etc., health app development has been useful to a great extent, be it…

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Custom Software Development Company

We are a trusted software development company in India and we follow the best practices to deliver robust, scalable, and secure custom software services. Having served a plethora of businesses in all industries and sectors, we are one of the top companies in Bangalore, India. Our experts with in-depth experience, knowledge and innovative strategies ensure to leverage advanced and smart transformational technologies like IoT, AR/VR, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, DevOps, and BlockChain.

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School Administration Software Development in Bangalore, India

It is great if schools are digitally sound in their operations and ERP software for school management activities will ensure automated managerial and administrative activities. This enables hassle-free administration thereby enhancing productivity and efficiency. A customized ERP for education system for every school will allow fulfilling the respective requirements of the institution. Some of the features incorporated in school ERP software are multi-user functionality, interactive user-interface, data security and backup, SMS and email integration, etc. Digitization has automated business processes, organizations and schools/colleges have also strengthened their management system through information technology. The development of school administration software has resulted…

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Cargo Logistics & Transportation Software Development

As a well-known freight and logistics software development company, Indglobal has been delivering customized solutions to its customers with the help of advanced technologies like blockchain technology. Using Blockchain technology among other advanced and smart technology, we assist organizations to enhance the efficiency of the logistics industry and render convenient freight activities like last-mile delivery and shipments. Having the best logistics software in cargo or logistics business will enable a convenient ongoing process and great results. The potential benefits of technology in every industry are immeasurable and the same applies to the logistics and transportation industry, which is hugely booming….

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JAVA Application Development

Using the most-popular programming language, Java, we are engaged in the best software development over a decade. With our highly experienced developers who are excellent in coding and Java programming, we have successfully delivered numerous projects, globally. Java 8, Java 12, JVM internals and JDK 10 are new developments, making use of which we execute robust applications and web services. There are over 9 million worldwide Java developers and we have established well in the market giving all an elevated competition. Get assistance with the most trusted Java application development company, IndGlobal; we compose highly skilled developers and expertise in…

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.Net Technology

A versatile framework or programming language developed by Microsoft, .Net, can be used to develop a wide range of Windows web/mobile applications and services. It is compatible with different languages like C++, C#, F#, and VB.NET. Our developers at Indglobal are highly proficient in all of the above languages and ensure robust delivery of .Net software. The .Net technology offers immeasurable benefits with various aspects including security, memory management, and improved performance of applications. Therefore, our developers feel at ease working with this programming language. They create highly scalable end-to-end .Net web applications across various sectors and industry domains. Smartphones…

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