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Ensure Interactive Campuses with the Best School Administration Software Development in Bangalore, India

It is great if schools are digitally sound in their operations and ERP software for school management activities will ensure automated managerial and administrative activities. This enables hassle-free administration thereby enhancing productivity and efficiency. A customized ERP for education system for every school will allow fulfilling the respective requirements of the institution. Some of the features incorporated in school ERP software are multi-user functionality, interactive user-interface, data security and backup, SMS and email integration, etc.

Digitization has automated business processes, organizations and schools/colleges have also strengthened their management system through information technology. The development of school administration software has resulted in better outcomes with better management of varied activities. From managing school admissions, allotment of classes or subjects, tracking attendance, examination, fee collection, library, staff, inventory, leaves, timetables, to transport, our online school management software takes care of all. Users need to login with a username and password to access the software. We at Indglobal render top school management system software services in Bangalore, India with an understanding of customers’ customized requirements.


Whom does it work best for?

  • Administrators (Super Admins and Admins)
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • Accountants
  • Receptionist
  • Librarian
  • Human Resources


Different Modules We Cover in Our Best School Management Software

Users Panel

An online school management system in India will include varied users like super admins, administrators, teachers, students and parents, accountants, HRs, librarian, receptionist, etc. The super admins/admins can take full control with features to manage day-to-day activities. Admin can manage activities such as updating profile, blocking users from accessing application due to certain reasons and setting various levels of access controls for employees.

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Student/Parent login

With student or parent login facility, they can get notified regarding the assignments, progress, attendance and exam reports. They can also receive school alerts related to home works or holidays by the educational institution. The information can be in the form of .doc, .pdf, .xls, etc. which can be downloaded and viewed using the appropriate software.

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Reports Generation

You can attain a detailed report related to the users, batches, courses, fees, subjects, payroll and siblings. These reports are dynamic in nature and get automatically updated depending on the changes made in the data. Having all the information at a common point makes it convenient to access and refer in case of urgent need.

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Institute Event/Calendar

Institute’s schedule can be maintained in our school software calendar, it allows easy tracking of updates including upcoming events, fees information and examination schedule. It is very convenient for the students, parents and staff to get updated data and act accordingly. It will prevent missing of important dates and actions required at the end of the respective person.

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Configurations, Courses and Batches

We create well-configured school management software in Bangalore, India for school, college, university or other professional institutes that support all variations in courses and batches of every institution. You can adjust SMS settings according to your institute’s requirement of sending SMS to the users. You will find easy to manage student’s profile and record based on the submitted documents and certificates.

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News/Reports Management

Our school management software, India will help you to create and publish campus news in a better way. With the use of rich text content, videos, images, and more, you can make the news more creative and attractive. In addition, you can give commenting or replying options for readers of the news.

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Customisable Dashboards

We provide user-friendly, customizable, and easy to operate dashboards to schools/institutions. Plenty of information can be displayed via dashboard lets that include birthdays, gallery pictures, employees or students attendance and fees information. Some latest updates or news can be shared using dashboards and it is upon you what all to display.

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Inbuilt Messaging

With an inbuilt messaging system in our best school administration software in Bangalore, admins can notify students, teachers or parents regarding updates/needful action by sending messages. It can be a message related to school events, due fees, or any other to the parent and about Parents-Teachers meetings to teachers and parents. We can save by preventing excessive use of receipts and manual notices.

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Student Attendance

Our classroom management software will help to track the attendance of students in a convenient medium. They can make a day-wise or subject-wise entry with a click away, also covering the information of half-day/full-day presence. The attendance report can be generated and evaluated by the administrator.

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Benefits : For Management

We develop a comprehensive school management software which has multiple benefits to different departments of a school or educational institute. The top benefitting section is the management team who can avail the following-

  • Boosts efficiency
  • Saves time and money
  • Paperless and error-free work
  • Reduction in working hours
  • A streamlined system for communication
  • Track student information and activity
  • Easily circulate messages to parents

Benefits : For Teachers

It’s a great relief to teachers to use school administration system software in India. Their strength in giving great education lies in saving energy and time. The major benefits to teachers include-

  • A comprehensive attendance tracking system availability
  • Attain detailed history for student’s performance
  • Create assessment reports and students’ analytics
  • Better interaction among students, teachers, and parents
  • More time for guiding students effectively
  • Easy maintenance of assignments, projects, results, and forums

Benefits : For Parents and Students

The school management software development will enable better synchronization among parents, teachers, and students. They can understand each other and interact effectively for any problem or solution. Parents and students can check all requirements from the school or classroom end.

  • Know the school activities in more detail.
  • Online submission of projects/assignments/homework.
  • Increased and convenient interaction with school management and teachers.
  • Track circulars/new/discussion forums/photo gallery.
  • Students can participate in blogging activities.
  • Get detailed information about school events and holiday lists.
  • Parents are well-informed for their children’s behavior, progress, fee payment, and attendance.


Enterprise Modules in our School Management Software System



Different kinds of forms can be created using this module in the school management software. It allows easy sharing with the concerned individual or group of people. It facilitates the creation of templates and reusing different recipients. Various feedback forms can be created for the objective of improving staff performance. Admins can get access to reports, ratings and analysis after the submission of filled forms by respective people.

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Doc Manager

Doc Manager

A school management software is a safe place to store different docs and the administrator can oversee the students’ or employees’ documents and manage those in the required folders. This can be further accessed and downloaded by the users and processed for different uses. A lecture plan or activity plan can be distributed to targeted users.

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Reminder module helps in sending alerts to the users about any upcoming events taking place in the institution. SMS or email are also sent for scheduling fee submission dates based on different batches. It can be done multiple times and can be set according to your requirement. With this online reminder system, educational institutes, as well as parents or guardians, are relaxed regarding notifications and fee submission.

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The prestigious students and professionals are part of your alumni and you can manage their records with the inclusion of all important pieces of information. You can even communicate easily with them via SMS or email after maintaining their database. This can be done for career advice and training programs conducted for exchanging knowledge and practical usage.

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This section allows teachers, students or employees to share their experiences or stories in the form of blog posts. This enables knowledge exchange and one can put their remarks, comments or suggestions in the respective blog. This keeps everyone engaged and encourages greater interaction among all. A technologically driven platform in the form of Blog module is available to discuss important prevalent topics thereby enabling a healthy learning atmosphere.

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Students and parents can get timetables easily through a common platform where a massive generation of timetables via software is possible within minimum time duration. It enables clear picture for teachers for their respective subject and batches, and also avoids clashes with other teachers when more than one faculty enters to a common classroom

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Continuous monitoring and tracking are important in every field and it applies to an educational institution too. The ‘Audit’ is the word for checking or tracking all activities associated with the school. Through this module in the software, different departmental activities including finance, user accounts, employees and students can be kept an eye on. Fee transactions can also be tracked in the logs.

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Azure Integration

Azure Integration

This integration allows the school software users to log in to the system using their Microsoft account credentials. It is possible through Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AD) Single Sign-On (SSO). Azure works via connecting multiple independent systems and enables digital evolution.

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Fundamental Features of the Best School Management Software

  • Student Admission
  • Promoting Students
  • Fees Details
  • Siblings Details
  • Easy Browsing
  • Manage Examination

You will get an opportunity to oversee student admission through details submission in forms including IDs, siblings info, RTE, previous schooling and other records in student profile.

Undertake activities for promoting students in the next academic session according to their examination results status- Pass/fail and continue/leaving school information.

A highly effective module in the school management software for fees collection enables to invoice, and configure details like groups, type, fees fine, due date, etc.

One can add siblings details in the student’s section; parents can also check all their children information in parent account.

One can search students by details including class, section, or keywords like name/admission number/ father’s name/id number.

A complete examination management is possible through a robust school management software. Creating and scheduling exams to marking and progress report creation can be done.

Why Indglobal for a school management software in India, Bangalore

We create advanced school mobile apps and web apps for a better connection among people associated with a school or a campus including teachers, parents, staff, and students. Our robust and customized software helps you in undertaking paperless administration and manage school operations effectively.

Mettlesome team with rich experience

Indglobal has a talented team of developers, engineers and designers who are well experienced to develop an innovative, responsive and customized software for various requirements.

Attain a robust school ERP system

Our exhaustive development of school ERP software in India will enable you robust features to provide an automated system for streamlining all activities in the school/campus.

Highly secure and standard app development

We are engaged in highest quality development of school management software which are compliant to standards and regulations. We maintain confidentiality and we have assured measures of protection for our services.

User-focused Development

Having over 10 years of experience in the IT industry, we have been engaging in the iterative development with user-centered strategies. Our school management software development in India is a great success.


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