How much does it cost to develop a Doctor Appointment Mobile App?

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Overview of the doctor appointment apps:

Change is unavoidable, who every change according to the situation & technology can face from the opponents.

The healthcare business observed a lot of changes because of mobile application progress.

Mobile apps performed a vital role in the progression and improvement of the health care industry.

Our lives become so busy due to our work lifestyle. People are so busy in such a way that they are not getting time to book an appointment with the doctor over mobile phones.

In these conditions, book a doctor appointment apps evolved into the spotlight to solve this type of problem, and these mobile apps came to relieve the sufferers.

Some impressive statistics to know before you will develop your doctor appointment app:

52% of patients use mobile phones for knowing health-related information.

The income of healthcare apps presumed to rise to $60 in 2020 from $25 Billion in 2017.

More than 2 60,000 mobile health apps launched in 2016.

According to the statistics in 2019, 64% of patients will take an appointment using simple mobile apps.

Now, it’s time to explain how to build a doctor appointment app? How much will it require to develop?

As you are preparing to develop an app, you need to each particular detail about mobile before you deliver it to live to the people.

Before you go to the mobile app development company, know your opponent so that you can start with new and innovative plans.

Top mobile apps in doctor appointment category:

In the market, Practo and ZocDoc apps are the best two doctor appointment mobile apps in the USA.

If you see the healthcare industry, you can discover a lot of applications for the doctor’s appointment on mobile.


ZocDoc mobile app is the best doctor booking app in the United States.

Establishing year: 2007.

Founders: Nick Ganju, Cyrus Massoumi, and Oliver Kharraz.

Currently, it is helping 6 million patients in a month, and it contains 1900 services over 50 specialities.

There is a future of getting this doubt, “how does ZocDoc earn money.”

The main source of ZocDoc income gets from subscription fees.


Practo is a useful app for doctors that provides them to manage patient appointments and manage many other tasks quickly.

Establishing year: 2007.

Founders: Abhinav Lal and Shashank ND.

Currently, the Practo Doctor appointment app is helping over 15 countries and 55 Million patients yearly.

Some of the features proposed include easy-to-use “Ray” practice management system, automatic patient appointments, appointment calendar management, immediate billing, creation of computerized medical records (EMRs), patient health news, sending appointment approval, SMS to patients, data synchronize, offline benefits, etc.


HealthTap is the most chosen application for a doctor’s appointment in the United State of America.

Establishing year: 2010.

Founders: Sastry Nanduri, Sean Mehra, Geoff Rutledge, and Ron Gutman.

Health Tap is serving Billions of people to live more peaceful, stronger, and longer.

It is helping over 200 countries, including territories, with the guidance of 1, 50,000 doctors over 150 specialities.

Features of Doctor Appointment App:

The framework for the resolution of all online doctor appointment bookings apps is expected to a set of features available in healthcare appointment mobile apps.

Because of those features, Doctor Booking apps exploring demand and steady growth from doctors, customers, and stakeholders.

The doctor appointment apps consist of two separate built-in apps; one is for the patient and another for the doctor.


Download any doctor appointment app. If you are actual user login or else register with the application using a number or Google account or Facebook account.

While evolving your app for doctors’ appointments, make sure you give an easy registration method for the customer.

One thing you want to identify while developing your app for a Doctor Appointment is to present multiple bookings options for the patient.

User profile:

The health care industry is a very personalized service, so the user must provide significant features like name, sex, age, address, medical diseases, and other special information, which benefits the medication process.

Appointment booking:

It is the focus point of the find an app by which sufferers can book an appointment with the preferred doctor at their possible time slot.

By applying this feature, you can explore the doctor’s availability, and according to that, you can manage an appointment.

In this function, you can also add an interactive timeline feature.

Location tracking:

You may ask a real-time tracking of the doctor’s place. This feature is important for the patients to understand the specific location of a doctor and their proximity.

Electronic medical reports:

While you develop your mobile app, make sure you add this feature. It allows the patients to share and upload all health-related reports, which are necessary for the planned treatment process.

For implementing quality of care to the patients, the reports are safe and stable.

App messenger:

This feature assists the patients to communicate the doctors through in-build app messenger for knowing daily updates of reports, for determining the queries, and much more.

Clinic and doctor search:

Another important feature of the appointment application is the search console. It enables patients to search for hospitals and doctors based on various conditions like specialization, the name of the doctor, visitation charges, brand, time. It is like a filter feature.

While developing your doctor app, provide complete search filters to give special-quality service to the user.

Doctor app features:


The fundamental point of the doctor panel app is registration.  The doctor can log in applying a number, social media networks, or Google.

Doctor profile:

If a patient demands to a doctor, he will attend the profile before he schedules an appointment.

The doctor profile covers such as a doctor’s name, Specialization, picture, location, and convenient appointment times.

Manage patients:

This feature assists the doctor to handle all the patients about their bookings booked, approved, and cancelled.

Accept/reject appointment:

It permits doctors to see and examine all his booked appointments and cancelled.

This feature allows the doctor to accept or reject the appointment based on doctors’ timings.

Edit Schedule:

This feature enables the doctor to increase his daily schedule based on the doctor’s decision.

Apart from the earlier feature, the doctor app also has an app messenger the same as the patient app.

Admin panel features:

It is a community where everything similar to patients and doctors managed. Apart from acquiring your doctor and patient app, you should also organize an admin panel.

Now, let’s have a survey at the features of the admin panel:

  • Doctor’s control.
  • Patient control.
  • Report control.
  • Add-on or special features:
  • Real-time analytics.
  • Marketing tools.
  • Tracking of health.
  • Online payments.
  • In-app camera.
  • Video calling meeting.

The time for developing a doctor appointment app?

The whole development ends in five stages.

Now, the time to develop your app also determines the cost.


The documentation method split into three parts:

  • Business summary.
  • Specifications.
  • Design models.

Estimated time: 40 hours.


The designing part includes UI & UX design.

Estimated time: Around 60 hours.

Development step:

The development step includes:

Front-end & Back-end development time: 400 hours.


Estimated time: 70-80 hours.

Help and maintenance:

This stage includes bug fixing and polishing.

Estimated time: 35-40 hours.

The revenue production model of doctor appointment apps:

Everyone promotes an app to grow business so you should how you can make if you create a doctor appointment app.

I am going to show you how you can make money using mobile health apps:

  • Subscription.
  • Sponsorship and support.
  • On-demand help.

Tech stack for the doctor appointment app:

Push Notifications feature: Twilio,

Authentication of voice, SMS, and phone: Twilio and Nexmo.

Payments: EWallets, Stripe, and Braintree & PayPal.

Database: Cassandra, MongoDB, HBase, Mail Chimp Integration, and Postgress.

Cloud Environment: Azure, AWS, and Google.

Real-time analytics: Cisco, IBM, Hadoop, Apache Flink, Spark, and Bigdata.

How much does it require to finish a doctor appointment app?

It’s time to analyze the cost to develop a doctor appointment app.

The cost depends on the different factors that we are maintaining to look out now.

App platform:

The majorly used platforms in the world are iOS and Android. The cost of add increasing impressions by the platform you prefer.

As the number of platforms raises the cost of the development also extends, vice versa.

It completely depends on the app developing company on how many stages they want to develop, whether particular one or multiple.

App complexity:

The app complexity levels you prefer also determine the value of your doctor appointment app.

Mobile apps classified based on their complexity stages such as easy, medium, and high-end.

The basic variant of a mobile app costs very little linked to the other two. So, decide according to your app specialities and functionalities.

App development team:

Among all the circumstances, this factor explains much of your app cost as well as your app development.

The team asked for the health app development:

  • Project Manager.
  • Android app developers
  • IOS app developers
  • QA engineers.
  • Web developers.
  • Requirement analyst.
  • UI/UX designers.

You can select your app development company based on your budget and demands. You can pick a startup or mid-level company or a multinational company. According to your budget.

If you opt for a startup company, the price you low, and if you choose for MNC, then they rate you a very high price.

It depends on the person or the company who is preparing to develop an app.

Developers team location:

Apart from the development corporation you choose, their location also determines your doctor’s appointment app cost.

The cost of a developer varies from country to country.

Developers in India: $15-80/hour

Developers in Eastern Europe: $40-150/hour

Developers in the United Kingdom cost: $50-70/hour.

Developers in Australia cost: $90-110/hour.

Developers in North America cost: $100-170/hour.

The cost of a mobile app:

It is more beneficial to go for the mobile app development team from India or Europe countries for the user-friendly budget.

So, examining all the circumstances, it is maintaining to cost you around $25,000-$30,000 for a single platform. Again, if you are running for another platform, it takes you another $20,000.

It is an estimated cost to finish a doctor appointment app.

The cost of your app differs according to your ideas and features also.


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