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As a renowned provider of high-quality healthcare services in Mangalore, Elixir Remote Healthcare Services has been performing stupendously since its establishment. An interventional cardiologist, Dr. K Mukund is the Managing Director (MD) of the firm. Having over 3 decades of experience in the healthcare industry, he came up with an idea to leverage technology in providing instant, convenient and cost-effective solutions to the people from every corner. He wanted Elixir to be a healthcare mobile application firm where patients and doctors could come on a platform for a common objective, i.e. best of health and wellness. IndGlobal made it possible with a robust healthcare mobile application development with its highly experienced and knowledgeable developers, designers and consultants. Elixir has been capable of generating great outcomes with the help of digital health app where users including consumers, patients and healthcare professionals and doctors get the feature-rich app to interact with each other. One can attain services for doctor consultations, booking appointments, making payments, getting prescriptions, diagnosis reports, etc. using this robust healthcare mobile app. Bringing in technology and health together proved to be a boon for the welfare of the people involved.

Having Elixir healthcare mobile application in access, people in different categories could benefit from it using varied features as explained.

1. Highly functional User Dashboard
Users can interact with the doctor directly and book an appointment or get an appointment summary. Having different modules like Add Money to your Wallet, Book Appointment, Instant Consultation with Assistant Doctor, Upload Reports and Appointment Summary, it allows a transparent flow of information and SOS services.
2. Easily Book an Appointment
Book an appointment. Either opt for audio call or can get offline consultation. Flexibility to choose any time of the day as per convenience of patient as well as doctor. For hospitals at multiple locations or a doctor serving at multiple locations in different time slots, option with a patient to choose the favorable offline location.
3. Upload Reports/Prescriptions
Even prior to the appointment, upload reports or prescriptions related to the problem which can be very helpful for doctor’s analysis. After consultation also, facility to maintain health records and next appointments details in the app and can be accessed anytime.
4. Interactive Doctor Dashboard
Doctors can maintain a complete track of their patients’ history at just one place. It helps them to serve the patients efficiently and effectively. This app helps doctors to serve more patients in less time and at the same time privilege to maintain a more-friendly approach and easy connectivity with the patient. Doctors can keep the entire record of their history, appointments, earnings in one system.
5. Your up-to-date Health Profile
Having an updated profile with details like recent prescription, last lab report and health details will alleviate the burden of doctors. Also, it helps patient to track their health and gives an opportunity about themselves better to take preventive steps.

It is a comprehensive app which covers the entire doctor and patient journey in addition to the
top 5 features.

Get a quick idea of how IndGlobal’s mobile app development service has been useful to the respective users of Elixir Remote Healthcare Services.

Can search the doctor in the app. Can see the appointments and can see the ledger in the app. Can see the patient and doctor reports.
Can book online and offline appointments through app. Can accept/reject/reschedule appointments. Can see the payment reports.
Can pay payment through online payment gateways Can add prescription and diagnosis report while having the call with the patient.
Can do audio and video call with the doctor. Can do audio/video call initiated by patient.
Can get the prescription and diagnosis report through app. Can add clinical notes for his reference.

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