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The great news is that now you don’t need a lot of time, money, or technical knowledge to build an online store with the potential and characteristics of today’s market. There are many eCommerce website development platforms available today to do all of this professionally.
If you have a new e-commerce website today, as you know, finding new customers and gaining their trust is very difficult. All you need is the help of a website development/ website management company like us, Indglobal, the best eCommerce Web Development Company in Bangalore.
Surprisingly, if we look into the statistics, E-commerce sales currently account for 17.2% of total retail sales. And online shopping itself is growing at 13.7% annually. Let’s have a gaze into a more detailed graphical representation of the eCommerce growth.


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Looking back, studies show that in 2018, online retail sales of physical goods totaled the U.S. $ 501 billion. But according to current circumstances and rapid developments in the market, researchers say it could surpass $ 740 billion in 2023. Moreover, apparel and accessories are expected to reach USD 145.8 billion.

Which platform, for What?

There are currently a ton of online store manufacturers. It is impossible to achieve success for all. Online selling is not that simple. So be very careful when choosing your e-commerce website development platform.

If you’re comfortable with WordPress, WooCommerce can better develop your website. If you’re ready for dropshipping, Shopify is good for it; and the easiest to use. Magento will be providing you highly responsive and attractive eCommerce websites. This platform offers merchants the opportunity to personalize almost all aspects of their e-commerce store and allows them to have full freedom to see, feel, and work on all of its functionalities. As a key player in Magento design and development, Indglobal facilitates the best Magento eCommerce website development in Bangalore.

BigCommerce or WooCommerce performs very well in terms of SEO. BigCommerce is a little better for big business sites because WooCommerce is a bit slow.

Platforms like Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace may work better if you do not plan to do a lot of marketing automation or you want to grow cheaper online websites. If you are essentially a physical bakery and you are not going to cover a lot of online marketing – these simple website builders can work better for you than any others. Let’s have a look at the statistical representation of the usage of various platforms.


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B2B, B2C, or Any other?

Through offering cheaper and more efficient distribution channels for your product or service, e-commerce has helped companies develop a wider market presence and generate more online leads. It operates in different market segments according to the distribution channels. They are

1. Business to consumer (B2C)
2. Business to business (B2B)
3. Consumer to business (C2B)
4. Consumer to consumer (C2C)
5. Government to Business (G2B)
6. Business to Government (B2G)
7. Consumer to the government (G2C)


Now, everyone is very much aware of what is happening in today’s market. Many online shoppers have placed their full trust in big-name sites like Amazon. This is where you need to build your Brand credibility and Brand loyalty of your business.

Getting into e-commerce can be rewarding when handled properly. In this era of technology, an e-commerce store is a highly imperative mean for proliferating your business leads. As one of the top eCommerce development companies in Bangalore, we are committed to conferring state-of-the-art eCommerce websites with better affordability, flexibility, responsiveness, and many more.

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