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SEO means getting targeted traffic to the website with the help of various techniques and tools that can fetch more audience to your business. Using premium keywords, engaging in active blogging, and using premium keywords, are some of the best practices used for optimizing websites that fall under SEO tactics. Some of the basic methods to attain SEO success are on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and tools like SEMrush, Ahref, and Moz. Businesses have become smart to attract customers, prospects, and other enthusiasts with the finest SEO company strategies. Their objective is to get the number one rank on the SERPs, be it Google, Yahoo, or Bing. Besides the basic ones, let us explore the top ten SEO tactics that would prove beneficial for businesses in 2020.

Top 10 SEO Tactics for 2020

  • Voice search optimization

Speech recognition technology has been doing wonderful in the ever-growing technology world in recent years. Statistics have proved that it achieved 80 percent accuracy in the year 2001 and it has not stopped progressing thereafter. New smart technologies like Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning have enables advancement in the voice search system. Studies show that one in five online people makes a mobile voice search, 50 percent of the voice searches will be present in the year 2020, and 46 percent of voice search users will look for local businesses on a day-to-day basis. Isn’t it amazing to know? It is because it has been found a great improvement to apply voice search optimization in SEO. Voice search adoption is skyrocketing.

  • Videos- AR/VR/MR/XR 

Applying the latest methods to optimize promotional videos that enhance the online brand visibility, that further enhance website ranking is a great idea. Today, videos can be created with advanced technologies such as AR, VR, MR, and XR (Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, and Extended Reality, respectively). Invest in the generation of videos with quality content for marketing and SEO and experience the amazing results that improve the rankings in the search engines. It has a tremendous effect on the conversion rates as it increases it by 80%. 360 videos are very popular and making a mark in the entertainment and marketing industry. 

  • Podcasting/audio optimization

Podcasting is an episodic series of audio files that are digital and can be downloaded. Targeting podcasting content for optimization for varieties of spheres ranging from philosophy to sports to music will allow more internet users to visit. A podcasting website can be used to pull audio files and optimizing these websites can boost up sales or businesses easily. Adding keywords on the podcast episodes, titles, and descriptions are a must to attract the audience. A low competitive keywords with high search volume for a podcast is recommended. Podcast transcription is also helpful for gaining much attention for a longer time. If titles are optimized, specific files can easily be retrieved in a shorter duration. If a podcast file is created for a business service, it will also work out to reach the targeted audience. Further, the podcast goes for social media promotion, teases the audience, reshared, sharing updates, etc. Anytime, people can get their services on their ears through digital audio players.

  • Website Cloning (Web 2.0)

It is a great way to gain the attention of visitors when a modified layout is used to create a new website also, by making a copy of a web page. Information and graphics in an improved version with new and high-quality content will make an impressive impact. It is highly beneficial for businesses as it is cost-effective development of websites. 

  • Interlinking strategies (latest backlinking strategies)

Some of the best interlinking strategies for SEO include using anchor text, creating lots of content including many internal pages, linking deep, using links that are natural for the reader, using relevant links, using follow links and using a good number of internal links. An internal link is the one that connects one website page to a different page on the same website. The source and the target- domain is the same in an internal link. The three main objectives of internal links are to aid in website navigation, define the website architecture and hierarchy, and to distribute page authority and power for ranking throughout the website.

In addition to the described top five SEO tactics for website optimization, the other five techniques that work equally well include-

  • Content syndication

A method that increases brand awareness and reaches a broader audience is content syndication that works as republishing content Marketing present on other sites by a third-party website. Ultimately, it helps drive more traffic and build links. An example of paid content syndication is paying an industry magazine (online) for publishing an article on the site aimed at building brand awareness and thought leadership. Making available content from one website to other sites is the common practice for content syndication.

  • LSI/ Keyword research

LSI keywords/phrases are the ones that have a high degree of correlation to the targeted topic that also help determine the quality of content and relevance to the search term. LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing and search engines make use for analyzing the other words people use it related to a given topic. Having this technology integrated into the content will benefit SEO optimization.

  • Mobility(compared to traditional desktop)

As per today’s record, there is a high increase of people using smartphones and preference over the desktops. This accounts for the website making compatible with the mobile version as it is an easily accessible platform. It is important to make your content available in the mobility form for SEO optimization as a huge number of audiences will be able to reach out to your business.

  • Local SEO

Local customers and prospects are attracted to this effective way of marketing local business online. It helps to promote business, products, and services at the exact time they are searching online. Putting the best for search engines local searches at social profile pages, links, local content page, and citations help the most relevant content to reach to the users. Building relevance around a specific location also emphasizes local SEO to work at the best.

  • Infographics

Infographics are the heart of content as it is a visual representation of data, information, or knowledge that intends to educate the viewers about a topic or subject. Attractive infographics not only make it easily understood but also grabs the attention of the audience making it more clickable and readable. Therefore, it is mandatory to invest time in creating infographics and placing it correctly with all the necessary tags. The best infographics set the right tone for a story to be told.

Having these SEO tactics applied in your current list of strategies will fetch you the best results for optimization. Indglobal is an experienced company that has been working for the best services by applying all the top 10 SEO tactics beneficial for Businesses in 2020. With time, the technologies and tools are updated and SEO also needs afresh tactics to deal with the competitive environment all around.

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