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Google May 2020 Core Update rolling out
Google May 2020 Core Update rolling out


Google aired a new and fresh core update recently. After the first core update in January 2020, Google broadcasted the second core update of May 2020.

Significantly, Google has always maintained the regularity in the area of updates. Over every few months, Google has announced a core Google algorithm update. It was the first case recorded when it took more than 3 months since the last January update.

Let me phrase the exact announcement of Google for you, “Later today, we are releasing a broad core algorithm update, as we do several times per year. It is called the May 2020 Core Update. Our guidance about such updates remains as we’ve covered before.”


At 3:50 pm ET, after about one hour of announcing the update, Google mentioned that the rollout has begun. It will take “around one to two weeks to completely relesase.”


We tend to have some analysis of the previous core update released in January 2020. The one before that was the core update of September 2019. This very update was considered weaker by several webmasters and CEOs, as they found out that it was not as impactful as the previous core updates ought to be. There was one update released in November which was only limited to local rankings.

The steps to follow if you are hit

Google has given recommendations on what to contemplate if you have ever faced any negative impact by a core update within the past. There are no particular actions as advised in order to recover and, even a negative ranking impact is not always about tending to signal anything wrong about your pages.

However, in case your website is hit by a core update, Google provides you with a list of questions that you must not fail to take into consideration while content evaluation:

  • Does the content offer original research, analysis, or information?
  • Does the content hold a complete and substantial topic’s description?
  • Does the page headline avoid the exaggerating nature of the topic?
  • Does the page stand a chance to be introduced or recommended to a friend?
  • Is the content appropriate enough to be expected in a book, encyclopedia, or a magazine reference?

Why We Care

When search ranking algorithms of Google is updated, it is followed by a better or worse impact of search results on your site. If you actually know when Google makes these updates, you can clearly understand whatever happened on the site was because of you changing something on it, or was it Google, who updated its ranking algorithm. As of today, we all know beforehand that Google is going to roll out an update which ultimately prepares you to shift your focus on your rankings and analytics.

Data about this update

The May 2020 Google algorithm update is considered big. We received data from different search data companies and they all point out how huge and substantial the update actually was which has not even finished rolling out yet.


If you have any queries, doubts, or suggestions related to this article, feel free to feedback. Any sort of criticisms is welcome.

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