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ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and ERP software integration is essential for companies to stay ahead in the market competitiveness. It helps to streamline various processes across the entire organization. Being a renowned ERP software company, IndGlobal addresses the needs of enterprises for management of information flow across multiple platforms. Thus, we provide efficient services and help in integration of different departments, such as sales and distribution, customer service, finance, manufacturing, human resource, supply chain, warehouse, quality assurance and testing, in one easy-to-use platform. This results in gaining a high competitive edge and growth expansion in a cost-efficient manner.



Custom ERP Software Development

Today, firms strive to become the best in the market place. But, due to some factors like higher competition, rapid changes in the market, and more, many of them are not able to achieve better efficiency and progress. For this reason, companies adopt new technological applications such as ERP software solutions. An ERP application is a data management instrument to optimize and automate major company activities by viewing and sharing data. It can assist you in organizing, automating, and enhancing your company. These ERP solutions can be modified according to the changes that occur in the business and within the…

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ERP Software Migration

Today, most companies plan to migrate from their traditional ERP to modern branded ERP software solutions. This ERP migration is a systematic process, based on a particular method of migration, to transform information between systems. As a process supplier seeking to implement a fresh Enterprise Resource Planning software, you have plenty to think about. The main objective is to continue the execution. However, the significance of data migration should not be minimized. With an accurately defined strategy to data migration, the execution schedule is maintained, expensive budget transitions are avoided, and meaningful information is available. The design and implementation of…

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ERP Software Testing & Implementation Services

The business world has witnessed an expansion in the number of startups and the particular requirements for reliable ERP software solutions that specifically address problems in the startup platform. Every organisation, therefore, needs an ERP solution to handle multiple tasks and accelerate development, whether the firm is small or medium-sized or large. The worldwide ERP software market is anticipated to gain $41,69 billion by 2020, with a total CAGR of 7.2 percent in 2014-2020, according to a  study from Allied Market Research called Allied Market Research entitled, ‘Global ERP Software Market – Size, Industry Analysis, Trends, Opportunities, Growth and Forecast,…

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