Simplifying E-commerce Management with Magento Extensions

Magento is a leading online e-commerce retail platform that accounts for 12% of e-commerce business websites, with 0.7% of the Internet. Business owners who use the Magento platform experience growth three times faster than other counterparts on various platforms. 

People choose Magento to launch their e-commerce website for customers for multiple reasons.  The platform offers many unique features and a Magento marketplace that provides several add-ons and extensions with many functions. These extensions enhance the merchant as well as customer experience. 

Therefore, this write-up will discuss the best Magento must-have plugins and extensions for e-commerce business stores in 2023. All these Magento add-ons are according to the positive user feedback, usage, and the ability to address industry pointers.

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The 10 Best Magento Extensions to Manage Your E-commerce Business Online

The 10 Best Magento Extensions to Manage Your E-commerce Business Online

1. Reload SEO

Online visibility is necessary for your e-commerce business. It lets every business merchant invest in reliable search engine optimization (SEO) business solutions. ReloadSEO is the top Magento must-have extension to manage all SEO elements for business owners using a user-friendly dashboard.  The Magento plugin also allows merchants to track Google rankings and compare performance against their competitors. 

The business owners using ReloadSEO get notified when any SEO problems arise. Also, the extension has training videos, e-mail, and phone support. It boasts an easy 5-minute installation process. The top features of ReloadSEO include- Backlinks, keyword tracking, and an advanced content analysis algorithm to offer live feedback. 

Price: 14-day Free Trial, then opt for a plan 

Plans  Price 
Starter  $59 per month 
Business  $99 per month 
Professional  $149 per month


2. Magento Google Tag Manager

Magento 2 Google Tag Manager extension by Mageplaza is a tool that helps business owners easily integrate and manage Google Tag Manager code in Magento 2. With the add-on, you can add and update website triggers, tags, and variables without the code knowledge. 

The tool has an enhanced tracking system using Google Analytics Enhanced E-commerce, Google Adwords, and Facebook Pixel to let you track user behavior and events. Also, it includes a dynamic data layer that tracks actions such as checkout, purchase, and add-to-cart options. The extension also supports multi-store management of tags for different stores using a single interface. 

Prices are as follows-

Community Version  $149, then $89.4 per year 
Enterprise Version  $349, then $209..4 per year 


3. TaxJar Sales Tax Automator 

Keeping the right track of taxes is a complex yet essential process for an e-commerce business. The TaxJar Sales Tax Automator lifts this burden and makes it among the top Magento extensions. The Sales Tax Automator extension offers real-time tax calculations and assures the desired price charges. The extension supports more than 30 countries including Canada, Australia, the United States, and the European states.

The add-on provides accessible sales tax reports to configure precise tax rates. It also offers automatic tax filing using the AutoFile option to file state sales tax returns every month, quarter, and year. 

Price: A 30-day free trial is available. 

For the paid version, contact the vendor.

4. mPower Subscription Management Tool 

As the e-commerce business is leveraging the power of recurring revenue areas, the mPower subscription management tool is a necessary Magento extension. For business owners looking for a subscription management tool solution in Magento 2, mPower is the perfect choice for all industries. 

mPower is the top Magento extension that lets business firms manage recurring transactions, view payment history, apply discounts, and manage billing frequencies. The tool allows users to subscribe to multiple products on different schedules using a single checkout process.      

Price: $99 per month 

5. AheadWorks Blog Module 

According to, websites having active blogs get 55% more visitors. Therefore, to attract the target audience to the site using informative and good content, blogging is an effective way to rank on search engines. The AheadWorks blog module extension offers various customization options for customers. For instance- A “related product” sidebar is added to each post, a great way to optimize the website shopping cart. 

The extension also allows visitors to sort different posts according to categories and tags, offering a straightforward navigation experience. The add-on also incorporates SEO best practices and lets customers add metadata on the back end for more optimization. 

Price: $329 with six months service agreement at $99 and 

$132 for twelve months. 

6. LiveChat Support 

Today’s customers want instant support, if not offered on time, the risk of business loss is high. Therefore, Chatbot technology has become one of the essential Magento extensions for the e-commerce business. LiveChat Support is a popular Magento plugin that ensures customers feel heard when they require something. A personalized window is added on the Magento website to let users connect with the online store representative. 

The add-on also allows file sharing, chat archives, chat transcripts, visitor banning, canned responses, and many more services. Analytics and reports are also available to easily track visitor information and chat activity in a single place. 

Price: Available for free of cost but with a license acquired by the business owner.

7. Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM Integration 

Many e-commerce business owners take advantage of the time-saving tool CRM software integration provides to their organization. However, some data in Salesforce and Magento is the same without synchronization. 

The Magento Salesforce CRM Integration by PowerSync allows syncing Magento and Salesforce to save business time and money. All this makes Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM Integration the most popular Magento must-have extension. 

Price: Available in a free starter pack and a paid version with additional features. 

8. Better Magento 2 Checkout Extension 

The Better Magento 2 Checkout extension lets business owners optimize their business shopping carts. By Magefan, the extension minimizes cart abandonment by fastening the checkout process and offering a seamless experience to the users. 

The extension also gives an option to the merchants for a one-step checkout process. A hassle-free checkout process can help business owners complete more purchases across different areas.

Price: $119 per month. 

9. Magento 2 Customer Tracking Extension 

There are various scenarios of customer issues about different products and services to run an online store effectively. It will prompt you to get additional sales with product monitoring that can be shipped using the popular Magento 2 Customer Tracking add-on. 

The tracking extension helps business owners keep track of customers who have purchased a product. The tool is a notable step in Magento extension development to help you obtain the list of customers shopping for the products and getting their details over a specific time. 

Price: On Request. 

10. Magento 2 Batch Code Extension 

The Magento 2 Batch Code extension allows business owners to organize products into different batches and define the quantity, quality, and expiration date. After the customer orders a product, it lets the admin select a bunch to dispatch the order. 

Product quantity is deducted from the batch, letting the admin handle products of all bunches. The Magento extension enables the admin to check the orders in the bunch and monitor all the customers who have purchased the products from specific bunches. 

Price: On Request 

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The Time to Start Away with the Right Magento E-commerce Extension. 

Using the above-mentioned popular Magento plugins can help you improve user engagement and features along with the security of your online website. It is the ideal way to make the business run effectively with high productivity and conversions.

And, for more details on Magento Plugins, partner with an experienced web developer in Magento development services or get extensions the desired extensions that meet your business needs from reliable and trustworthy Magento plugin stores or marketplaces.


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