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LinkedIn Sales Navigator Helpful in Generating Leads

Technology has enabled a transformational environment in businesses for all categories of people in varied domains. For sales and marketing professionals, LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the best tool that is offered as one of the LinkedIn premium services. Its existence is an addition to the already existing LinkedIn Pro that many people are aware of. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a social selling tool that helps in fetching more customers via greater interaction with leads and prospects. It comprises detailed information of the users with advanced filtering and search options. It aids organizations, individuals and sales teams to nurture and build customer relationships on the network.

Activities You Can Manage

  1. You can configure it according to your customized requirements and preferences by clicking ‘Continue’ to set with your preferences including regions, vertical and job titles.
  2. You will have an option to mark and save leads from your LinkedIn connections.
  3. You can import your contacts and account data while syncing the Sales navigator with Salesforce.
  4. You can target a specific crowd by filling in with information about what kinds of leads you have been searching for.
  5. You can complete details online about your sales territory (countries, regions, and cities), industries you cater to, and all job profiles you want to focus on, to get specific results through the tool.

Strengthening Easy Management of Your Prospects and Leads

  1. Make use of the Lead Builder feature in the LinkedIn Sales Navigator tool that offers advanced search filters. This will facilitate easy searching of prospects and help you to build lead lists.
  2. Refine search criteria through filters for specific job titles like ‘Sales Manager’ or companies like ‘Adobe’ to refine search criteria.
  3. Setting search parameters will help you see customized results and Sales Navigator can give you advanced outcomes as compared to only using
  4. Get a wide variety of filtering options for searching including industry, title, first and last name, postal code, seniority level, years of experience and company size.
  5. With each option, you will get an opportunity to save it as ‘Lead’ and you can use it for marking it as a prerequisite for the relevant prospects.
  6. Here, you will also get an option to save the lead to ‘Account’ criteria. Accounts are companies that can be followed to stay updated on recent developments.
  7. An extremely useful feature in this tool is saving searching criteria that notifies you through email alerts if new profiles match your options. You can click on ‘Save’ in the upper right corner of the search results.

How is LinkedIn Sales Navigator Helpful in Generating Leads

Essential Features and Benefits

1. Lead Builder

The topmost feature – Lead Builder in LinkedIn Sales Navigator marketing software makes it convenient to approach your target audience by sorting the users based on various filters that include-

  • Title
  • Keywords
  • Company
  • Geography
  • Industry
  • Seniority level
  • Function
  • Company size
  • Relationship

Using it, you can not only get your goals met with specific results but also you will be benefited from extra information that can be used to enhance your prospects and leads database or specifics.
Using this feature, one can know about the users who have recently switched their jobs as well as the users who have shared their experience as a post on LinkedIn or are featured in the news section.

2. Save As Lead

There is no requirement to enter all your criteria to shortlist the kind of leads you wish to have. Save as Lead feature will allow you to save your leads in a section on your dashboard that can be accessed when needed. Also, you can get regular updates about them and interact with them by commenting/liking their posts and focus on making useful and healthy relations with them.

3. InMails

You can reach out to existing members with the private messages called InMails. Doing this, you can get in touch with any user on the platform including the ones to whom you are not connected or wish to connect. InMails facility is provided to premium account/sales navigator holders with a limited number to be sent monthly based on account types. For example, people having an Enterprise account gets 50 monthly InMails option and Sales Navigator account or team are eligible for 20 and 30 monthly InMails respectively.

4. CRM Integration

CRM integration feature in Sales Navigator is useful to integrate your LinkedIn account with renowned CRM platforms like Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce. It is an automated feature that helps in preventing time consumption and also enhancing efficiency.

5. Sales Navigator Team

Using this feature, the sales and marketing team can work together to reach common goals as they can utilize various robust and accountable features that include-

  • Saving up to 5000 prospects
  • Sending 30 InMails/Month
  • Accessing TeamLink feature (it allows reaching a larger audience by making new connections belonging to the team)
  • Integrating with Salesforce or MS Dynamics account
  • Accessing regular reports to track sales activities and performance

Refined searches and advanced features in the LinkedIn Sales navigator will facilitate getting closer to the right people, leads, and prospects and finally closing the deal. You can experience higher win-rates and more pipelines via personalized outreach.

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