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Most of us have maintained one or multiple email account and use for getting a variety of information, communicating and exchanging messages. This is done through electronic devices; and nowadays, in addition to the desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones are used for checking emails instantly. As these are handier and people can get updates from around the world within seconds. Emerged from this, a term- ‘Email marketing’ is trending recently. Businesses make huge profits through this medium of marketing. It is surprising to know that over 45 percent of customers belong to the group who receive promotional emails. It can be defined as the action involved in sending a commercial message in the form of advertisements, solicitation of sales/donations or business requests to a group of people through email. And for this, a huge customer database is maintained or many businesses opt for purchasing the list. Adopting email marketing practice assists in many beneficial ways, including maintaining customer long term relationship, build loyalty, acquire new leads and prospects, customer conversion, sharing third-party advertisements, convincing for associations, etc. Any business can get the service from IndGlobal, that provides innovative email marketing strategies helping you to gain digital transformation.

With various kinds of email marketing, companies get in touch with global customers and establish a bond that helps in moving towards win-win deals. The two kinds which are carried out for mails include

  • Transactional email marketing: It is triggered in response to the customer’s action.
  • Direct email marketing: It is communication as a direct promotional message for customers.


  • Build Trustworthy Customer Relationships
  • A Communication Channel for massive Audience
  • Cross-sell or Up-sell Activities
  • Track Customer Activity and Behaviour
  • Deliver Specific Marketing Campaigns
  • Targeted and Personalized messages
  • Render Special Offers or Product Catalog
  • Hugely Entice Customers

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Although many businesses hesitate for email marketing as a voice for their brand, yet there is more to explore. Let us find out how it assists companies to make the best out of it

  • It is a cost-effective medium that outweighs the traditional method of advertising.
  • You can make use of ESP (Email Service Provider) that helps you to gather information about recipients behavior.
  • Most of the internet users are engaged in checking and replying to emails, which is beneficial in the business point of view.
  • Sending relevant and informative emails to a huge audience will create a better image and interactive business.
  • You will benefit from enhanced Returns on Investment (ROI) through this convenient mode of marketing activity.



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