#1 Best enterprise resource planning software in 2021

Whether the organizations are working at the global level, national level, or local level, always seeks to supervise their organizational functions in a centralized and merged system to keep the track of the moving portion of manufacturing and dispersion. That’s why the enterprise resource planning software has been operated by different trades of healthcare, non-profit groups, construction, and hospitality. As the organization starts working with ERP, it can easily manage its staff, customers, and inventory. ERP can store all the data into a solitary database which authorizes different departments of the business to work with the same information. 

Enterprise resource planning software has the potential to keep customer management, human resources, business intelligence, financial management, inventory, and supply chain into its system. It is anticipated that the ERP market will be $41.69 billion worth by 2021. Those businesses who had never used ERP in their models find it very complicated at first to use. But as digitalization and globalization are increasing, it’s become crucial to have a fantastic ERP solution in the business premises. 

Because ERP software offers many benefits to organizations, software vendors across the world start providing ERP solutions. One such ERP vendor Odoo ERP development services offer a fully integrated, customizable, and open source ERP system packed with thousands of business applications. This company’s ERP software can meet various business needs of CRM, sales, project manufacturing, inventory, and accounting. Regardless of the business size and budget, Odoo ERP for business solutions can meet the various demands raised by the company. 

The Odoo ERP assists the business to become more efficient and effective through the deduction of repetitive manual processes to help the organization save a lot of time for laborers. Odoo ERP for small businesses is interconnected with module systems for providing a seamless experience from app to app. Odoo helps in keeping the business functions in one place so that teams can collaborate with the diverse departments from a single platform effectively. 

Features of ERP software

Features of ERP software

1- Saving the most money

Many software vendors have inaugurated the flexible pricing system in recent years, open-source ERP software is still a big investment. But many businesses think that large costs can make a varied difference which ends up in eating all the money of the organization. But once you get onto it, you can easily see how excellent enterprise resource planning software can increase the overall ROI of your organization. ERP will first simplify all the software systems running in the organization to derive at one software solution. With ERP, your employees can work in a centralized system and can access all information from product development to the account payable. 

2- Improved collaboration

One common feature of Odoo ERP software is that it provides an improved collaboration with other businesses. But other benefits and features depend upon which ERP program you are opting for. The centralized system of ERP makes it an excellent software. That’s why if any error has been committed in the system due to the incorrect data, it can be automatically reduced which results in an overall reduction in the cost. Also, the centralized database will reduce all the hesitation and stalling of the projects because every team member can access the data easily. As the data are stored, compiled, shared, and accessed under a single unit, you will not face any security issues overhead. 

3- Tracking and visibility  

With enterprise resource planning software organizations can be able to track, surface, and comprehend the business metrics. It is one of the most powerful ERP features offered by the various ERP vendors including Odoo ERP software providers. Tracking and visibility can be accomplished by near and real-time data, breaking down information silos, and also offering reporting and analytics at every aspect of the business operations. 

4- Financial management 

Managing the financial resources of the organization looks like a very complicated task that involves planning, governing, and inferring the optimum use of the funds.  The financial managers are required to track and collect all the funding usage from various departments of the business to decide on capital projects, funding sources, cash management, and financial resources. An open-source ERP system helps the finance team of the organization through tracking, analyzing, and reporting the organizational data. For the best finance management of the business, ERP software is necessary to have. 

5- Sales and marketing 

By Odoo ERP implementation with CRM provides privileges to the marketing and sales team for making the businesses sell, upsell, generate quotes, offer purchasing, forecast, manage council, and can track the details such as profit margins and ratios. The marketing team with ERP can drive leads, quickly build execution of the campaigns, and track customer service with the sales cycle. Sales and marketing teams utilize the use of the ERP system to establish the close connection of finance and operation to deliver the best and prominent customer service experience. 

6- Reporting 

Just like effective data usage, excellent and better reporting is also important for any organization. Odoo ERP for small businesses complies with the information related to the business operations for reporting the empowering stakeholders for developing informed decisions, enhancing business processes, and identifying the problematic areas. A business report generated from Enterprise resource planning software will include visual representation like diagrams, plans, and dashboards to improve the business results. 

7- Supply chain management  

Enterprise resource planning software system offers insight to company supply chain management. It is done by tracking demand, inventory, logistics, distribution, and the manufacturing process. An automated and enhanced supply chain management integrates the operations through proposing purchasing orders, work orders, and transferring orders from multiple locations. Supply chain management with ERP helps the organization in setting up the inventory goals and simplifying the distribution resource planning. 

8- Human resources 

The Human resources of the Odoo ERP software act as the end-to-end employee administration platform for handling the payroll, hiring the onboarding, compensation supervision, and timekeeping. Complicated HR functions like the tax and its deductions can be automated with ERP HR software. It can save a lot of time and money through the reduction of most errors. 


Odoo fulfills the open-source ERP software needs of every small, big, and mid-sized business. It offers real-time insights, excellent customer experience, and reduced supply chain management costs with integrating and automating the essential, financial, and operational purposes. Odoo ERP software can take your business to the next level by integrating and performing various ERP functions and solutions for your business. Hence, Odoo is the promising ERP software provider for ERP solutions in different areas.  

Enterprise resource planning software is the unified software that every business should have on their premises. It doesn’t provide any harm to your organization, instead, it will integrate with other systems and software of your organization to work for achieving all your desired goals. Spend some time gaining knowledge about ERP software through this blog and see the phenomenal growth of your organization. Many organizations have adopted the all-in-one software solution for their organizational operations, now it’s time for you to adopt it in your strategy too. And gain more productivity and goal accomplishments with it in your business.

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