Top Reasons to Implements ERP System for Businesses


ERP- Enterprise Resource Planning allows integrating various functions of a business in one software. It ensures less consumption of time and error-free tasks which is not possible or is mismanaged via manual ways. Many ERP solution providers in Dubai are available who can help a business improve and excel. They have the know-how of customized solutions that can work hundred percent for a business.


  1. Its implementation will result in enhanced efficiency and productivity which are highly supportive for ROI enhancement. It is a great boost for the business operations as it prevents unproductivity and flaws. A smooth-running software will help in better management of massive volumes of data.
  2. With the best ERP software development company in Dubai, you can get automated systems to move towards the business goals and digital requirements. No more requirement to indulge in manual calculations, following up customers, processes check, etc., everything will be done with the help of software.
  3. There will be no need for companies to be involved in redundant internal emails and other communication channels and a proper task management system shall be enabled through ERP implementation. It will save time and also enable cost efficiency.
  4. A business can enable dynamic methods for assigning tasks and entire process transparency from start to end. This results in enhancement of productivity and accelerates the work.
  5. Employees can better focus on strategic tasks and prioritize the higher- value work and generate unique customer experiences. This also enables cost-cutting in businesses.
  6. ERP enables ready to access real-time data and highly efficient business operations, where one can easily identify and reach to new business opportunities. This leads to improved agility and development process.
  7. ERP enables high-quality services delivery due to its low-risks and high-compliant to the standard operations. It results in maximizing business control and regular monitoring of all operations going inside and outside the organization.


You can get three major ERP software in Dubai from IndGlobal, namely, Odoo ERP, SAP Business One and MS Dynamics. All of these are highly in demand, however, Odoo ERP excels the other two features-wise. Odoo and MS Dynamics ERP are cloud-based solutions whereas SAP B1 is on-premise ERP.

SAP plays a huge role in different departments’ functionality including Sales, Accounting and Finance, Marketing, Warehouse Management, Supply Chain, Manufacturing and Human Resources. Many features and sub-features are covered in different modules of an ERP software which are helpful in taking care of a wide variety of functions.

Some of the respective sub-features of the respective modules include-

  • Sales: B2B Sales, Online Sales and In-store sales.
  • CRM: Sales flow and Communication Tools.
  • Accounting and Finance: Internal Processes, Daily Operations and Invoice Management.
  • Marketing: Mass mailing, campaigns, blogs, SEO and marketing automation.
  • Warehouse Management: General and Routing features and Productivity features.
  • Manufacturing: Management and Product Variant features.
  • Human Resources: Recruitment, leaves, appraisals, fleet management, payroll, expenses and appraisals.

A highly featured ERP software can streamline your business at one go and many of your unsolved tasks for long can find solutions to the root problems. Having an ERP system developed from a reliable company like us will add a feather to your cap. With over a decade of experience, we have established ourselves as the best ERP software development company in Dubai.

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