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Indglobal is a top and reputed provider of ERP services and ERP solutions in Dubai with a proven track record, proficient IT and software consultants and expertise of working with enterprises and industry giants. Our ERP solutions are well configured, tested and ready to deploy by our expert team making us the top choice as the ERP Software development company in Dubai, UAE. Our ERP software helps businesses to understand, select and customize ERP solutions according to their preferences. Our highly skilled team work diligently to understand the diverse needs of clients to devise customized ERP and CRM solutions.

With the best ERP solutions providers in Dubai like IndGlobal, you can efficiently manage departments like HR, finance, manufacturing, supply chain, procurement, inventory, marketing, etc. With customized ERP solutions Dubai, a start-up, SME or large enterprise can streamline various business functions in one management system. A robust ERP software with latest technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning will offer transparency, swiftness and high productivity across all aspects of businesses.


Whether you run a small business or a large organization, ERP software Abu dhabi will boost your company’s development and growth. From more efficient process to improved agility, explore the benefits.

Streamline key processes

Indglobal’s ERP software will allow your business to consolidate vital operations soas to maximize productivity and reduce costs.

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Better productivity

Streamline and automate your main business processes for the organization to function efficiently with few resources and reducemanual tasks.

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Significant insights

Gain better insights and getfast solutions to business-critical questions that are difficult to tackle.

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Simplify IT

With ERP applications that share a database, businesses can simplify IT with easy to use business management solutions as per the company’s unique needs.

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Improved Agility

With ready to access real-time data and efficient business operations, you can easily identify and reach to new business opportunities.

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Lower risk

While maximizing business control, ERP also ensures compliance along with regulatory requirements and prevents risks.

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ERP is not just for enterprises, it is for every business, small or big. At Indglobal, best ERP software development company, we offer ERP software solutions and systems.

ERP for small businesses

ERP for small businesses

If you have 200 employees or less than that or just need a solution for human resource or sales alone, small businesses ERP suits you. As a small business,you may not have to automate customer relations management or accounting. Indglobal’s ERP software for small business helps you move beyond excel sheet sand manage every aspect of your growing organization efficiently.

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Midsize Business ERP

Midsize Business ERP

Ideal for companies with up to 500employees, Indglobal’s mid-size ERP software offers better deployment, built-inanalytics and best practices fora different business process like HR, finance, procurement, supply chain management etc.

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ERP for Enterprises

ERP for Enterprises

Indglobal’s enterprise ERP solutions are designed for businesses with global operations. Incorporated with intelligent technologies like machine learning, our ERP software offered flexible deployment.

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Industry-specific ERP

Industry-specific ERP

Indglobal offers industry-specific ERP solutions to support their requirements of businesses.
We offer customized ERP solution tailored to meet your prerequisites to support the smooth running of business processes.

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How Future Ready is your business?

Indglobal, Leading ERP solutions in gulf areas, offer enterprise management software to businesses to simplify complexity and drive growth. Regardless of business verticals, our industry solutions are designed to fit the needs of different verticals. We also offer customized ERP solutions in Sharjah to suit specific businesses. being the top ERP software development company in Dubai, we help business in designing, planning, managing and implementing a fullrange of ERP based business solutions. We transform the way any business runs,deals with clients, sells products and services.



ERP software typically consists of several business software modules that have to individually bought, based on what on the technical requirements of a business organization.Each ERP module will focus on one area of a business process.

Some common ERP modules included are those for material purchase, product planning, product developing, inventory control, marketing, distribution, HR, finance, etc.

Business has to use a combination of different modules to manage tasks, and some of them are:


  • Marketing Automation
  • Sales and CRM
  • Purchase Management
  • SCM & Manufacturing
  • Inventory & Warehouse Management
  • Project Management
  • Distribution Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Accounting & Finance
  • Quality Management

Through our robust ERP development services in Dubai, we deliver software platforms and technologies to your marketing department helping to effectively market on varied online channels with automated task performance. Marketing automation is an important ERP module that automates sales activities and online marketing, thereby enhances revenue generation and efficiency. You can target customers and prospects with automated messages across web, email, social, and text.

ERP Sales and CRM module help midsize manufacturing and distribution companies to boost customer relationships and sales activities, leading to profitability and increased customer service. You will be able to manage marketing resources, leads, campaigns and target groups in a convenient manner. All organizational functions including order placement, order scheduling, shipping and invoicing can be smoothly executed; it can be highly integrated with e-commerce websites.

ERP Purchase Management Module takes care of the processes which are part of the procurement of raw materials or items required for any organization. The module consists of all functionalities including quotations analysis, purchase orders authorization, request to vendors, supplier/vendor listing, stocks, and reports update, and many more. Our ERP software implementation with Purchasing module will ensure the required materials of the right quality, the right price, in the right quantity and at the right time leading to a smooth functioning and enhanced performance of the organization.

With Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing module in ERP, you can efficiently manage the flow of product items. The product flow takes place from manufacturer to consumer and consumer to manufacturer; all involved people get a smooth ERP software management system to oversee demand and supply management, sales returns/replacing process, shipping tracking, real-time data, time consumed in production or manufacturing, to name a few.

We render services for ERP development in Dubai consisting of Inventory and Warehouse management modules that take care of the movement of finished goods through the production cycle. It facilitates many functions to run smoothly in an organization including logistics, orders, shipping, billing, inventory control, barcode printing, etc. It is extremely important as it manages activities from acquisition to final shipping and controls invoicing and sales order management.

Organize, schedule, plan and analyze the project timelines, cost, accounting and billing through the ERP project management module. With this, you can schedule your teams across projects and effectively plan the project execution also with forecasting of estimated deadlines and real timesheets comparison. Assign your team for improved work collaboration and enhance project efficiency. ERP software provides an essential platform for project management in a business where more visibility and better-organized processes take place.

ERP distribution management module is a component of the logistics module and it assists the users in issues related to the sales orders, quotations, and billing. It facilitates the update of the organization’s sales price, and observation of open orders and other forecast activities. Distribution management being an important aspect of the business cycle for distributors and wholesalers, its effective management leads to great profits.

Professionals can use the Human Resource module of ERP for the effective management of human resources activities including track employee records, manage employee information, track performance reviews, skill matrix, attendance and managing payroll system. Payroll system management allows tracking reimbursement and travel expenses. One can avail easy and complete database management software that also includes salary details and contact information.

Accounting and Invoicing activities can be managed through ERP financial management module. One can manage contracts, bill timesheets, recurring invoices, payments, and simplify accounting by keeping track on bank account movements and invoice status. All paid, unpaid and drafts records can be reviewed through the Accounting and Finance module of ERP. One can automate follow-ups and send reminders to the debtors instantly. Also, creating earnings report, cash flow statements or balance sheet is easier.

ERP Quality Management Module will help the organization to flawlessly manage raw materials, work in progress, and end products. It takes care that all processes including procurement, production and distribution have been smoothly taken place. Therefore, it incorporates entire supply chain quality operations management too. Having Quality management module embedded in ERP, all tasks related to quality planning, inspection, and quality control are executed conveniently.


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