Top Software Development Trends to Watch Out For in 2019

Technology is constantly changing and so is the software industry and for the same reasons, it can be quite difficult to keep up with the latest trends in the industry. At the same time, keeping up to date with new technologies is vital for business success and career growth. Businesses or professionals who don’t leverage the power of the latest technologies see their products and services go stale. Here we will take you through major trends that influence the process of software development and the industry which are followed by Top Software Development Company in Dubai. Due to the influence of technological advancements like virtual reality, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, the future of software development is becoming increasingly complex and cross-platform. In this blog, we will cover the major trends that influence software development in 2019 and more.

Automated pipelines
In the digital era where technology advances at a fast pace, automating processes are mainstream. Continuous integration and deployment are not new concepts, they are becoming a standard practice. When compared to previous years, now businesses that don't have continuous deployment pipeline are considered as an exception. Businesses who automate their processes see considerable improvement in productivity of the team, quick release of new features, and more delighted customers. However, implementing an automated pipeline to production is not very easy and needs a cultural shift towards agile practices in the organization. But it can be done with the expert assistance of a leading Software Development Company in Dubai.

Blockchain domination
Blockchain in a powerful technology that revolutionizes almost every significant industry in the world. It is considered as a great investment alternative for business. The concept of a distributed ledger technology with security features and the absence of central repositories and intermediates is a great thing. Blockchain has the promise of offering data integrity to make the process of blockchain development an effective and practical approach.

A few years back, we would normally think only of software applications built in two common platforms- Desktop and mobile. While mobile platforming is consuming the market share each year, new devices are appearing as well to add to the different platform lists. Wearable devices, smart devices, all need software written specifically for them. By 2021, it is expected that IoT devices will rule the market and with all these new and versatile devices, the software industry would be transformed with technology. With IoT ruling the industry, cross-platform software solutions that perform excellently on small screens integrated with voice control and virtual reality will be a trend that would stay for long.

Data security
As the cloud is taking up the industry, concerns about data security are increasingly becoming significant. Both customers and businesses have concerns about the state of privacy and sharing of personal data etc. Knowing how to safely collect and store information according to industry standard would be a key skill for all software developers focusing on Software Development in Dubai to move forward. This trend certainly existed in the previous years but is becoming more significant in the future as the world is moving towards the cloud.

Artificial intelligence
To compete in the current dynamic market conditions, every business must adapt software solutions that integrate AI to trigger the right digital transformation. No technology today is as effective as artificial intelligence when it comes to the digital transformation of organizations. AI will generate an improved business turn over by 2020 for all businesses who adapt it. Artificial intelligence integration in software development is already a highly valued skill.The disruptive technology of artificial intelligence and has the potential to make software development processes smarter.Best software development companies in dubai like Indglobal leverages the expert system and apply it to software development life cycle.

Deep learningArtificial intelligence without any doubt makes to the list of top software trend sin2019 and coming years. However, deep learning also holds a significant place along with the AI methods that software developers have found to be the most viable. Those methods for AI training that have shown significant promise in difficult areas like language and image recognition.It is an incredibly powerful artificial intelligence tool, which can process petabytes of information and assign order to an otherwise chaotic world of big data. Tomorrow’s most successful businesses will excel at organizing people to put data into action with machine learning.

Software development has started to demand more than great coding skills. It requires more effort from Software Companies in Dubai and developers to leverage new age technologies better to build powerful software for business that gives an edge in changing marketing condition midst of rapid technological advancements. The rapid evolutions of software development industry due to transforming new trends will also impact the way software testing is done. more surprises await the industry every year and it’s never too late to prepare for the future.

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