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Digital world has led to the increasing demands of robust technological solutions and every business is competing against another to meet customers’ satisfaction and expectations. Talking about the ecommerce industry, it is highly booming and people look for cutting-edge ecommerce solutions in every sphere including healthcare, retail, apparel, logistics, finance, food, cosmetics, education, etc. Ecommerce is selling and buying process online with the help of the internet where sellers put in their products and services displayed on the web or mobile pages. Then, buyers and audiences can get access to the pages, select and buy just on a click. However, this requires a flawless and secure payment gateway that is reliable to customers with easy shipping and delivery option. Ecommerce companies in Dubai have been doing well to render end-to-end services to all sizes of companies, small, start-up, medium or big, helping them to serve customers better.
With rich knowledge of the updated trends and technologies, ecommerce developers in Dubai at IndGlobal work on varied platforms to deliver with timely execution. Having thorough expertise, we understand the needs of our clients and work to meet their exact requirements enabling a robust and streamlined ecommerce website or application. Thus, a safe, reliable and user-friendly platform for flawless shopping experience is delivered to the end customers.

Our Core Competencies

  • Most Awarded Ecommerce Website Development Company
  • 10 years of industry excellence
  • 10+ countries clientele base
  • Expert team of Magento Certified Developer
  • 500+ domestic and global clients
  • 1000+ projects implemented successfully
  • Member of NASSCOM and Accredited D&B


Primary Ecommerce Solutions We Provide

As the best ecommerce development company in Dubai, we have been keeping our focus on the following aspects to create a website or application.

Ecommerce Consulting and Launch strategy

With consulting and launch strategy, we offer many services including selection of e-commerce platform and supplementary systems, Resource planning, Mapping key business workflows, setting up CRM, project timeline and budget, and more.

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Ecommerce UI/UX design

In UX Design, we take advantage of some technology measures such as user research, persona development, website prototyping, and usability testing to find the behaviors, expectations, and fears of your target audience. Besides, UI designers create an appealing user interface which is a foolproof way to win potential customers.

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B2B And B2C Development

Business to Business and Business to Consumer platforms are necessary to highlight your brand and awareness among people across the world. We at IndGlobal render perfect site development solutions for ecommerce website design Dubai.

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Ecommerce Cloud Hosting

We provide web hosting services to make it easy for you to create attractive pages allowing more visitors to access your site. Creating one’s platform can be tedious for various businesses.

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Ecommerce Optimization

We do a better analysis to address the prominent issues faced by your existing ecommerce website. The analytics of websites will provide us with insights into your customer behaviour and provide us with a way of tracking site visits. A performance problem can also call for easy rescue measures such as image optimization or code auditing.

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SEO Richness

We include search engine optimized content on the website or app that leads to easy recognition by the search engines and therefore, rank these higher in the SERPs. SEO assists in finding new customers and promoting the business brand that ultimately increase sales and traffic and thus, the revenues.

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Site Maintenance

We ensure the provision of website maintenance and perform a regular check for mistakes or issues, ensuring relevant and updated performance. It is essential for a smooth-running business.

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E-commerce migration

Indglobal help you with website migration services if your company still uses a legacy e-commerce platform which is not suitable with the current market trends. Here, moving to a platform with trending e-commerce features can make you have a much more fruitful result instead. When it is decided to migrate, you should make sure that you choose the optimum one than a minimal one.

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E-commerce Integration

As a leading ecommerce development company in Dubai, we offer the best E-commerce Integration services. Our e-commerce solution and third-party apps can be integrated to enhance a range of issues, from customer focus to back-office. All IT ecosystem elements communicate smoothly and work in sync with expert integration.

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Ecommerce PWA development

We make our customers understand how mobile traffic and conversions can make your business flourish in the e-commerce industry. We follow IT trends closely, opting for the advancement of the PWA (Progressive Web App) to provide e-commerce companies with an effective mobile presence online.

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Quality Assurance

In order to detect and solve every possible problem and bug soon, we ensure that it is not installed by launch time and that we guarantee quality throughout the project. As one of the renowned e-commerce development companies in Dubai, Indglobal is always committed to imparting the best quality of your e-commerce website.

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Ecommerce solution support

With continuous website tracking, we attain smooth functioning, identify deviations from the operation of the e-commerce solution, and fix all threats; this then leads to better efficiency and safety of your e-commerce solution. In addition to technical assistance, we develop your e-commerce solution as the best e-commerce development in Dubai.

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Omnichannel solution

We help you decide the core components of your e-commerce solutions, map business workflows, and design the solution architecture. We can start an online presence, optimize the solutions stack to support your offline operations, and implement the necessary integrations according to your business requirements.

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Mobile Applications

In addition to ecommerce websites, mobile apps are very handy and very convenient to users. We create error-free mobile applications that offer excellent shopping experience to the users.

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Targeting Audiences

Our ecommerce marketing efforts will be at the maximum with the website or application we develop. This enables targeting specific people across varied geography, demographics, buying power, and incomes.

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With three major platforms including Magento, Shopify, and WooCommerce, we are putting our best efforts to be the top company providing ecommerce website design and Development in Dubai.

Magento Ecommerce

Magento Ecommerce

Magento Website Development Dubai is on the rise; our accurate PHP based Magento websites and mobile apps for ecommerce businesses include features as follows.

  • Web-based APIs, integrated CMS, custom design and styling, and multivariate testing for Website management.
  • Re-ordering options, email notifications and RSS feeds for Order management.
  • Seamless checkout, shipping and payment gateways through robust integration.
  • Up-sell and cross-sell methods for marketing and promotion.
  • SEO-friendly websites and mobile apps development.
  • Robust analytics and statistics for businesses.
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This open-source ecommerce plugin has enabled to execute numerous ecommerce projects on WordPress. Its uniqueness is because of-

  • A platform strengthened through WordPress
  • Delivers an enriched experience for e-Store owners
  • Modern and clean interface
  • Geo-location features
  • Automated calculation of taxes
  • Smooth ordering and checkout process
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Shopify Ecommerce

Shopify Ecommerce

Highly professional and theme-based ecommerce websites and apps are possible with Shopify. It has the following features-

  • Multiple themes options
  • Mobile-friendly and user-rich experience
  • Blogging and publishing options
  • Usage of any- own/purchased domain name
  • Business branding platform
  • Tailor-made HTML and CSS store
  • Fully featured Content Management System
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Omnichannel E-commerce Development in Dubai

Omnichannel E-commerce Development in Dubai

At IndGlobal, we have experts who take care of your business needs for effective omnichannel e-commerce development in Dubai. We ensure that your investment in multi-channel social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, to name a few, supports you immensely for enriching customer journey. Benefits include-

  • Aligned goal and objectives across each platform
  • More than what multi-channel experience offers
  • Powerful planning and strategies
  • Enhance marketing and servicing efforts
  • Consistent marketing messages
  • Effective brand voice and message
  • Moving ahead with digital transformation
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✓ HIGHLY TRUSTED BRAND: IndGlobal is affiliated to National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) that makes it a reliable brand.
✓ AWARD-WINNING COMPANY: It has been awarded with various awards including “Best Ecommerce Service Provider in Dubai for Business Excellence Awards 2015 and Best Ecommerce Development Company in Dubai for Brands and Leaders Awards 2018.

✓ DIGITAL MARKETING EXPERTISE: With over 10 years of experience, IndGlobal retains highly experienced and talented developers who will meet your requirements of SEO-friendly website and app solutions for ecommerce. Various strategies like PPC, Google Adwords, email marketing and SMM are also used to assist you to stay at the top.

✓ 24*7 AVAILABILITY OF SERVICES: Having partnered with us, you will achieve the finest ecommerce website in Dubai with all around the clock services for your customers. It is highly convenient and flexible to attain ecommerce services at any time of the day or night.

✓ GREAT FLEXIBILITY: Working on the three best platforms of ecommerce, IndGlobal can create user-friendly and responsive ecommerce and apps depending upon the customized needs of customers.

✓ UPGRADATION AND REGULAR CHECK: You can be at ease with us for timely maintenance and changes needed for apps and web platform. According to customized needs, we maintain the quality and features of the developed software.


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