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The content is an essential component of any digital product for valuing and evaluating the digital platform of a particular brand or product. For a digital product, it is highly required to create and keep a well-structured and constructed visual component. The designing of this component is what we call UI design. When we speak of UI design, Information Architecture (IA) is one of the most critical processes of web designing. The IA is designed to organize content so that consumers can readily adapt to the product features and discover all they need without much effort. It allows users to tasks and goals more efficiently and effectively.

IA reduces distractions and several problems a user faces when they have interactions with your website so users can have a better user experience. IA is not just a single practice; instead, it is like a container for a lot of various methods deliverable with UI and UX design. If you are thinking about the navigation of a website, you need the help of an IA; and if you are thinking about the best way to categorize blog posts, and make them easily discoverable to your clients, you need to depend on IA. Now, you might be thinking where you can get a better service provider for IA and wireframing. Here’s where Indglobal can help you. We are one of the best among the web development companies that you can get across the global market.

Components of IA

  • Navigation
  • Sitemaps
  • User Flows
  • Wireframes
  • Content organization

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Navigation deals with the way users search for information. It organizes the data and determines the way in which a user goes through a website or an app.


Sitemaps contain the diagrams that show the way in which different pages, screens, and bits of functionality within a website or an app connected.

User Flows

User flow is a diagram that defines a specific route that a user might take for getting a product or service to achieve an outcome.


Wireframes are simple and low-resolution representations of a page or an interface. Wireframes don't consider then need for styling, colours, graphics, and typography. They are mainly used by web developers to visualize the hierarchy and structure of different pages in accordance with the content and functionalities.

Content organization

It deals with organizing the content such as taxonomies, categories, tagging, and meta-data within an app or website to help how users find information quickly and easily.

Search Components

The Search component means the user-defined queries and enquiries of customers. For instance;

  • Search Interface
  • Search Zones
  • Query Language
  • And more



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