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Magento is recognized as leading market player in e-commerce sector and has been present for quite some time. Magento has been acquired by Adobe in 2018 and has become the parent company of Magento.  Since April 2021 the company has become known as Adobe Commerce after Adobe merged Magento and is interchangeably addressed as Adobe Commerce Cloud and Magento Commerce. This is a highly advanced e-commerce development platform equipped with customizable features that are out-of-the-box designed to help B2C and B2B businesses of both small and large size online enterprises. The platform helps expand these businesses and produce seamless buying experience to customers and boosting sales for the enterprise owners. Using the platform will help your business growth because it is customer friendly and is able to generate profitable online sales. Roping in the services of a reputed Magento website Development Company in New York you will be able to use its gain to garner more business for your eCommerce Stores.

Why Magento E-commerce platform is widely used?

This Adobe Commerce or Magento Commerce is widely popular among entrepreneurs because it is easy to develop and maintain its features are customer friendly. As of October 2022 a whopping 250,000 e-commerce websites are powered by the Magento Platform.   There are hundreds of reasons why you should join the Magento eCommerce platform and if you are already in there, then you may consider yourself as an enterprise following the right track. This Adobe Commerce or Magento provides greater customization and flexibility thus enabling entrepreneurs to tailor make their websites according to demand. Magento offers flexibilities like creating custom themed templates and also expand the platforms functionality using a number of integrations and extensions specific to Magento website. the out-of-the-box features you will find in Magento will include

  • Inventory and order management
  • Payment and shipping solutions
  • Integrated checkout
  • CMS webpage builders
  • Product recommendations
  • Market analyzing and marketing tools

By integrating the above in your business you will be able to lure new customers and retain old customers in a big way. Giving convenient customer experience to online buyers will work in favor of the website as it will generate the momentum and the support you badly needs for your product promotion. This software or platform also enable you to scale up your business despite your business being small or big and designed to handle high level traffic and huge range of product catalogs regardless of industry.

Who should be opting for the Magento eCommerce platform?

E-commerce businesses irrespective of them being small or big can be benefitted from the platform because it is versatile and with customizing websites according to their business needs. From small businesses to big retailers the functionalities and features of Magento are ideally suited for their business running. You should consult the best Magento Development Company in New York to integrate those flexible business ideas and functionalities offered by Magento or Adobe Commerce.

Who will need Magento?

The Magento platform is open source and free, it is fully customizable and has a variety of extension to offer from its Magento Market Place. For small, micro and medium enterprises with shoe string budgets will find the software development useful, economical and without any upfront costs. It is totally free and you can start using it at once and startups will benefit from this most. Magento websites are flexible to integration and you can use the new features available from the market with your website to expand your business and fulfill your business goals.

Magento is free and is in alignment with extensions

Magento Open Source has helped in the enterprise edition of Adobe Commerce. It is a subscription based and fully featured e-commerce solutions and is integrated with highly advanced features that are out of box. Its software is flexible enough to accept third party extensions without hiccups. You should opt for this Magento Ecommerce or Adobe Commerce because it offers

  • Out of the box advanced features for e-commerce online
  • Ideal for large businesses as they can use the advanced capabilities of Magento
  • Highly valued 24 x 7 customer support to remove niggles
  • Provide the option for Cloud integration of your website
  • It is robust and enable you to assess the progress at current time
  • It is secure and scalable and it allows e-commerce companies to manage multiple brands, geographies and currencies from a single platform.
  • The Magento platform supports both B2B and B2C enterprise models

The e-commerce solution provider platform is ideal for all types and sizes of online businesses hence there is no debates on its suitability. This is just an overview of the Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce and you should dig deeper to find the difference between these two and what advantages each have to give to your websites.

Magento Open Source

It is a self hosted platform that is integrated with all the basic ecommerce features that are typically required to launch the website or online enterprise. It is widely used in e-Commerce because it is open source.  And a dedicated and dynamic group of developers work around the clock to unearth and introduce new ideas that can be integrated in to your online store software to optimize, fix bugs and introduce new features.

Adobe Commerce

The adobe Commerce platform is enterprise version and has more advanced features that are ready to employ. These are additional features to the already available features of the Magento Open Source. Adobe Commerce in the cloud is a totally managed platform with several automated features relevant to hosting. And some of these additional features are exclusive. Online companies use this platform because of its low maintenance cost, enhanced security, measurability of business, and other benefits.

Consult experts

To know more about the Magento Platform for e-commerce business you should consult experts like a Magento ecommerce website development in New York, a software developer or website builder who knows about online businesses’ demands and with acquired knowledge on how to resolve the issues that crop up from time to time.

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