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Explore the top-notch custom software development company available globally in major countries/regions including India, the US, the UK, the UAE, Australia, and Estonia. We at IndGlobal provides a wonderful opportunity for start-ups and enterprises including SMEs to avail services from the highly trusted partner.



.Net Technology

A versatile framework or programming language developed by Microsoft, .Net, can be used to develop a wide range of Windows web/mobile applications and services. It is compatible with different languages like C++, C#, F#, and VB.NET. Our developers at Indglobal are highly proficient in all of the above languages and ensure robust delivery of .Net software. The .Net technology offers immeasurable benefits with various aspects including security, memory management, and improved performance of applications. Therefore, our developers feel at ease working with this programming language. They create highly scalable end-to-end .Net web applications across various sectors and industry domains. Smartphones…

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ReactJS Development

Known as the open source JavaScript library, ReactJS has enabled building User Interfaces (UI) for popular brands like Netflix, Facebook, CourseEra, Instagram and Yahoo. At IndGlobal, we are focused on complete UI development using ReactJS. It is apt for pixel-perfect applications that provide you top-most ease and convenience. Highly interactive and rich web apps are possible through ReactJS development. We render development services for real-time updates for scores, news, and social media newsfeed, etc., created with the help of this open source framework. Our SEO-friendly services provided by our talented pool of ReactJS developers assist businesses to have enhanced SERP…

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JAVA Application Development

Using the most-popular programming language, Java, we are engaged in the best software development over a decade. With our highly experienced developers who are excellent in coding and Java programming, we have successfully delivered numerous projects, globally. Java 8, Java 12, JVM internals and JDK 10 are new developments, making use of which we execute robust applications and web services. There are over 9 million worldwide Java developers and we have established well in the market giving all an elevated competition. Get assistance with the most trusted Java application development company, IndGlobal; we compose highly skilled developers and expertise in…

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