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Today, firms face many challenges in the rapidly changing market. Those who own an online company understands how competitive the business world is now and how difficult it is to promote their company sufficiently for significant change and to get better sales. This is why most of the companies opt for an efficient website for running their business more smoothly and effectively. Web development generally relates to website development activities for intranet or internet hosting. The basic methods of web development involve web designs, web content development, scripting on the client/server side, and the setup of the safety network.

With a wide range of customer-base across the world, Indglobal continues its journey as the best website development company with high-end web solutions. We provide our customers with a highly customizable web app and site solutions by deploying the most updated technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Virtual reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and more.

What makes us special?

Though there are many website design and development companies in the market, Indglobal will be there in the prior list of our customers. Our customers call the most trustworthy and dependable web solutions provider in the sector with highly affordable and standard solutions with premium quality. We ensure the fast, interactive, user-friendly, and impressive development of your website through the delivery of a personalized package filled with all the options you wish. Apart from this, we will try out and go through all kinds of possibilities and technologies to make your website get the best appearance in front of your clients. We create them with the best and finest layouts, images, text, videos, and colours; because the visual presence matters a lot.

Benefits with our web solutions

  • Faster development
  • Easy and quick Maintenance
  • Quality and affordability
  • Lower bound rates
  • SEO friendly
  • Best browsing experience
  • Ensures higher customer traffic
  • Better expandability
  • Cross-platform capabilities

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Website Development Methodology At Indglobal

Step 1 – Listen To And Understand The Clients’ Needs

We offer a FREE initial consultation opportunity to our clients, giving an opportunity to put forward the business requirements. At IndGlobal, we ensure careful listening to your needs and after analyzing, we work upon the development of websites depending upon the target audience and the way they want to value your business.

Primary Steps we Undergo

  • Gather information about the purpose
  • Focus on the main goals
  • Analyze what the target audience wants
  • Plan the work and team necessities
  • Follow up the hardware and software needs
  • Approval after fetching supporting documents

Step 2 – Project Scope Determination

We move towards a great plan for your business objectives, also keeping an eye on the respective market scope. We analyze and collect reports; on the basis of the results, we create sitemap and wireframe. We give clients timeframe of a maximum of 3 business days for the work.

Primary Steps we Undergo

  • Assessing requirements to easily reach the objectives
  • Working on technical specifications of the project
  • Proposal elaboration, Contract finalization
  • Building a sitemap
  • Create Wireframe, focusing on UX
  • Testing and presentation of ideas

Step 3 – Cms Website Designing

Using a Content Management System (CMS) website designing tool, we are able to get convenient and faster medium to develop websites for you. Deciding the page layouts, reviewing, content writing, and assembly, with our graphic designers, developers, and writers, we design a prototype and pass the work for UI work. We finish up this step within a timeframe of 1-2 weeks.

Primary steps we Undergo

  • Creating Useful prototypes, typography, or storyboards
  • Working on and finalizing the sitemap
  • Assigning responsibilities
  • Matching client requirements with User Interface
  • Scalable, highly aesthetic and imaginative solutions
  • Rendering easily manageable websites with the latest templates
  • Completing development timeframe

Step 4 – Development Phase- Coding, Testing And Review

This phase involves coding and optimization. This is also known as the ‘implementation phase’, where the website is worked upon. We integrate all the resources we gathered earlier at this phase. Our developers are engaged in real programming. We finish up this development phase within the time frame of 2-8 weeks, depending upon the project requirements.

Primary Steps We Undergo

  • Development team performs programming
  • Checks on the technical specifications
  • Engaged in testing and bug fixing
  • Content added to the website
  • SEO and meta tag based deployment
  • Alpha and beta release
  • Testing User acceptance

Step 5 – Review And Launch

After the testing and development phase, we check for last minute changes to the content, after carefully reviewing. This helps us to ensure perfection before the website launch. We work on the web server and all email accounts are set up; now, the domain names are transferred and prepared for ‘going live’. We take 1-2 weeks for this step of web development.

Primary Steps We Undergo

  • Setting up a web server
  • Domain names transferring
  • Final moment changes
  • Testing for User acceptance
  • Formal guidance and documentation
  • Logging off the site and final payment
  • Launching website, go-live

Step 6 – Promotion & Maintenance

As a trusted web development company, we provide full support for promotional and marketing activities of the website and business. We focus on SEO and help the pages rankings to be higher. With careful assessment, we ensure that site performance is improving and make necessary changes wherever applicable.

Primary Steps We Undergo

  • Prepare meta tags
  • Constant analysis
  • Submitting URL to search engines and directories
  • Undertake PPC and paid submissions if necessary
  • Website maintenance
  • No timeframe, it’s a continuous phase



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