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Meet The Best Ui Ux Design Company

At IndGlobal, we render best-in-class result-driven UX Research and Design development services. With varying requirements of different businesses, we provide customized solutions, user-friendly and convenient. With effective UI/UX design services, we communicate about your brand to your customers. We create attractive user interface designs with usage of latest web, VR/AR, mobile and machine learning tools experience.
As the best UI/UX design agency, we provide following User Experience Enhancement services

    • Website/Application Information Navigation
    • Reference designing and User Scenario
    • Accurate Flow, Task Flow, and User Flow
    • Definition of User Models
    • Positive Visual Hierarchy
    • Interactive Design Model
    • Create Prototyping

Principles Followed For Ui/Ux Development

  • Attractive, Simple and Intellectual
  • Flexibility for Using Globally
  • Customized and Attractive
  • Smooth Navigation
  • In-app Communication

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User Research

With a fair idea about the business, customers, brand, vision and success metrics, designers and developers understand the prototype of user experience and user interface. At IndGlobal, our services for user research include

  • Using Usability Testing, we deploy the technique for designing user-centered interaction that gives an idea to evaluate a product by testing it on users. Having this best practice, we can take direct feedback from real users.
  • With a robust web accessibility evaluation tool and WCAG 2.1, we follow all standards and compliance rules for website creation.
  • Research methods in the user’s context: Field Study
  • Brainstorming for creative/practical innovative solutions
  • Spotting problems and changes from usability experts

Ux Design

We believe in the creation of meaningful, effective, experiential and relevant experiences for the users. Our unique and contemporary UX designing process for websites and mobiles meets the needs of clients worldwide which includes seamless navigation, flows, and functionalities.

Our UX designing services features

  • Interaction Design (IxD): With a dedicated team of designers and developers, we focus on visual design, gamification, infographics, AR/VR and mobile usability design. With a careful investigation of the needs and contexts of users, we become creative to fulfill their needs.
  • Catering to multidisciplinary needs, our designers deliver and execute UI/UX design services successfully.
  • Prototyping: With an emotional connection with the users, our developers merge into creative thinking for design iteration, finally producing a prototype.

Ui Development

An important part of UX, User Interface (UI) development requires conversion of design files in .psd, .ai, .fw, .sketch, etc. into coding languages like HTML, JSS and CSS. Our talented team ensures to execute it beautifully and flawlessly.

We work on following UI development services

  • With the simple HTML Wireframe, we develop interactive high-fidelity prototypes.
  • Having a responsive design approach, we make use of flexible layouts, cascading style sheet and flexible images depending upon the visitor’s’ screen orientation and size.
  • WIth an objective of maximum usability and user experience, we render dynamic interface development services.

Implementation And Continuous Improvement

With the application of novel strategies, usability testing and implementation of UI/UX development, we strive for the highest-quality services to our clients, globally. We work on continuous improvement in the processes and best practices we follow; having hands-on experience and knowledge, we apply new practices and changes to our methods.

  • Our ongoing effort to improve products, processes, or services through Plan, Do, Check and Act (PDCA) methodology has assisted us in providing high-quality offerings to the clients.
  • All of our employees continually seek ways to improve performance through innovative ways and methods applicable for UI/UX development.
  • Our continuous improvement process helps in reinforcement of all employees and staff via high motivation and transparent activities.

Our ui/ux development process

Step One

User Research

After doing quantitative research and getting information related to demographics, market size, and user behaviour, we develop a suitable prototype and designing (UX).

Step Two

Establishing Workflows

A set of procedural actions are defined in order to automate, define and execute various processes with help of workflow. Here, the transformation of materials, processes, information or documents takes place from one place to another, resulting in action.

Step Three

Structuring And Designing

In the Wireframing step for UI/UX development, we create a structured flow and design of the content, and architecture for navigation and screen function is developed.

Step Four


With a unique type of drawing or a creative storyboard, we propose, refine, explore and interact with you regarding all the graphics requirements for your business. This is part of generating massive ideas and valuable thoughts.

Step Five

Gui Prototyping

Using the best software and dynamic designing tools, we create style guides and visual representation of website or application. Prototyping a Graphical User Interface (GUI) is essential to get the look and feel of the application or website development.

Step Six

Responsive Development

Then after GUI Prototyping, we conduct User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for ensuring screens and reports are as per the requirements. We make use of responsive codes and ensure every development is responsive.


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