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Progressive Web Apps, better known as PWA, is one of the latest developments in the IT world, kind of mobile app, delivered through the web. It renders a native app-like user experience using ReactJS framework. We at IndGlobal cater to the development of PWA to our clients worldwide. Providing PWA to the users facilitates reading the web app content even at an offline mode when you open and load the data earlier. It is of great usage and can be surely stated that PWA has a long way to go in the future. It provides a native app-like experience and contemporary web techniques development strategy. In addition, it bears beneficial features including home screen icon, push notification, full-screen, and offline availability for intense user engagement. Certain progressive enhancement can be implemented for web applications that include background sync and caching.

Therefore, embrace PWA through us and test on the best browsers like Chrome and Mozilla, it will enhance user experience and improves customer reach. We develop accelerated PWA using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, consistent to use in all kinds of scenarios. We ensure error- free response for web apps which can otherwise be annoying to many users. Having zero problems with slow or no internet connectivity, PWA renders the best user experience. It is highly cost-effective to develop PWA as compared to mobile application development.


  • Offline Operation
  • Push Notifications
  • Full-Screen View
  • Supported with Splash Screen
  • Home Screen Icon

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We make use of the latest applicable technologies to create progressive web apps, which include


It is a W3C specification providing developers a centralized platform to put metadata related to the web application. It creates the name, links to the image or web icons, preferred URL, configuration data, default orientation, and full-screen mode.

Service worker

It is a JavaScript file operating as a type of web worker. It is used to manage push notifications, cache, synchronize data in the background, network requests and centralized updates. It undergoes registration, installation and activation steps and renders high performing web apps.

Database libraries

We make use of indexed database API which is a W3C standard API that helps with a NoSQL database. Besides this, we also use PouchDB, RxDB, GunDB, and GunDB for PWA development.


It is of great use for single-page apps and is based on HTML cache manifest. It is easily supported by major browsers and a few websites.


We create PWA which have high compliance with web standards. Some of the characteristic details of it include

  • Progressive in Nature: It is user-friendly working in major browsers.

  • Responsive to mobile, desktop and tablets.

  • Independent on quality of connectivity enables offline usage too.

  • Consists of app-like features including app-style navigation and interactions.

  • It is an updated system, facilitated by the service worker process.

  • It is highly safe and served via HTTPS, prevents snooping and untampered content.

  • It has the ability for greater user engagement due to the presence of push notifications.

  • It is easily installable as it enables attain home screen icons without using app stores.

  • It can be linked via a URL, no complex process.


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