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Top Mobile App Development Company in Bangalore

Are you in search of a mobile application at competitive pricing? We are the number one mobile application development company in Bangalore. Having over a decade of experience in full-stack development that includes native apps and hybrid apps development. This results in enhancing market reach, business growth, and ROI of companies belonging to a wide range of industries. Having Agile team in an organization will enable the best iOS and Android app development company in Bangalore. A rise in mobile application development in Bangalore has been seen in recent years, which has been fulfilled by the top app development companies in Bangalore. We follow iterative methodology for all kinds of development, be it e-commerce mobile apps, Odoo ERP mobile apps, PWAs, or native/hybrid mobile apps. Every sector including health, retail, education, sports, e-commerce, gaming, transport, and telecommunication, has the requirement of mobile app development services in Bangalore.

We can see a tremendous shift in the demand for best mobile app development in Bangalore. There has been an increase in the number of users of smartphones and smart devices and therefore the usage of apps. With the best android mobile app development in Bangalore or iOS app development in Bangalore, it is convenient for users to interact with businesses that provide products and services to customers. A business will enhance its brand visibility, enhance customer engagement, increase customer loyalty, and get an opportunity to stand out from the crowd.


Our Five Kinds of Mobile App development in Bangalore

  • Native iOS mobile app development in Bangalore
  • Native Android mobile app development in Bangalore
  • Hybrid mobile application development in Bangalore
  • Progressive web app development in Bangalore
  • Cross-platform native mobile app development in Bangalore


Our top five mobile app development services in Bangalore

Native iOS Mobile Application

We are a trusted iOS apps development company in Bangalore with a team of creative and talented developers and engineers who are well aware of iOS SDK with Objective-C, Swift/Kotlin, and C technologies. We develop creative apps for iPad, iPhone, and Apple Watch.

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Native Android Mobile Application

We have a team of the best Java developers in Bangalore who make use of clean coding via respective kits on Java platform. Android smartphones and tablet users get highly responsive native apps with our impeccable mobile application development services.

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Cross-platform mobile applications

Our development services for cross-platform mobile applications in Bangalore use JavaScript, an intermediate language to the operating system of the device. By leveraging React Native, Appcelerator, NativeScript, and Xamarin, we develop cross-platform apps across iOS and Android.

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Hybrid Mobile Applications

We are a hybrid mobile app company in Bangalore and we develop HTML5 hybrid mobile apps by leveraging HTML, JavaScript, and CSS as these render a User Interface with an embedded web browser. Using a single code for multiple mobile platforms or websites, hybrid apps also have access to all native device features including contact lists, microphones, and cameras.

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Progressive Web Applications

Developing web apps that function like mobile applications benefit the users as these do not require downloading tasks or installing on the devices. We are into robust PWA development in Bangalore which is gaining high importance due to push notifications, offline availability, and faster page loading.

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Smart Mobile Applications

Modern and smart technologies like AI, Machine Learning, and IoT enable us to create smart mobile apps for our customers based on varied requirements. We create highly automated, intelligent, and responsive apps in Bangalore with advanced engineering systems. These apps connect, inspire, and empower online interaction among businesses and people of all ages.

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Advantages: Native and Hybrid Mobile App Development, HSR Layout

Benefits from Native Mobile Apps

Benefits from Native Mobile Apps

You get a simple yet fast performance from the native applications with the best user experience. We are engaged in native mobile apps development in Bangalore with a high level of reliability. Its native features can be explored to the maximum that also allows using responsive graphical apps, animation apps, and HD games.

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Benefits from Hybrid Mobile Applications

Benefits from Hybrid Mobile Applications

It is advantageous for going towards hybrid app development in Bangalore because hybrid apps are simple and easy to maintain. They have a cross-platform user interface and the development process is faster. These are less expensive and integrate easily with the device’s file system. It requires single code management for multitudinous platforms.

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Why Indglobal for Mobile Apps Development in Bangalore

Among various mobile app development companies in Bangalore., it is best to choose Indglobal for its endless success and experience. We know how to fulfill all the customized requirements of our customers and offer them exceptional services.

High Creativity and Innovation

Our talented pool of developers, engineers, and designers in Bangalore are engaged in developing fully-functional and attractive mobile apps that enable us to draw the attention of audiences.

Robust Mobile Apps development

With the help of the latest technologies and development kits for respective mobile platforms, we provide perfect mobile app solutions in Bangalore for our customers. Using frameworks including HTML5, React Native, Xamarin, PhoneGap, and CSS, we execute projects timely.

User-focused Development Services

Having an experience of over 10 years, we have been delivering user-focus mobile apps to our customers in Bangalore. We follow customized and user-centered processes that prioritize the business requirements of our customers.

Flawless and Uncompromised Quality

Our high-quality promise is based on the maximum understanding of customer’s demand or specifications, and maximum consistency in our technological tasks and execution. And this leads to a flawless outcome with never-failing functionality, quality, and compatibility. Our rigorous testing procedures also assure high-quality end products.


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