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Comprehensive E-commerce Development in Bangalore, India

Today’s digital world with advanced technologies makes all companies compete against one another. E-commerce development in Bangalore is also one of the competitive fields where the majority of companies offer their services for website or app development. With one objective and different strategies, they follow results-driven steps and top-class e-commerce solutions. Having support from one of the best e-commerce magento website development in Bangalore like Indglobal, you would receive top-rated e-commerce services. It expands to a variety of industries that include logistics, retail, healthcare, travel, finance, food & beverages, etc.

Being one of the top e-commerce development companies in Bangalore, India, we cater end-to-end services to all types of companies, be it small, medium, start-up, or large enterprises. Our dedicated team of experts understands your needs of streamlined shopping platform development and delivers a secured website or app with a safe payment gateway. With the integration of the latest e-commerce dropshipping features, we create e-commerce online stores where one can import products from manufacturers or wholesalers and put those to sell.


Our Primary E-commerce Solutions in New York , USA

  • E-commerce Development (B2B, B2C, and Marketplace)
  • E-commerce Site Maintenance
  • E-commerce Mobile Application Development
  • E-commerce Cloud Hosting
  • E-commerce Website Optimization
  • E-commerce Upgrade

Magento E-commerce development

Companies with the requirement of PHP Magento websites and mobile apps for e-commerce businesses can get experienced and innovative developers and designers in Bangalore, at Indglobal. You can get complete solutions with Magento website management features, order management options, seamless integration of shipping, payment gateways, and checkout.

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Magento 2 E-commerce development

The latest version, Magento 2.2, will provide new file structure, improved flexibility, optimized performance, jQuery library, and other various features that are updated and more convenient for the developers, designers, and the end-users. It provides a wonderful opportunity to streamline the customer experience and provide greater insight to you for online business. You will also get support services from our leading certified developers in Bangalore, India who will help you get solutions quickly.

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WooCommerce Development

Based on the open-source plugins for Wordpress, we have been into the WooCommerce development in Bangalore. We empowered e-store owners with a highly responsive shopping platform and executed numerous e-commerce projects. Having enriched features like automated tax calculation, geo-location, smooth checkout, and robust plugins, WooCommerce is a powerful e-commerce platform for all businesses.

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Omnichannel E-commerce

We allow you to have an omnichannel system for your e-commerce business where the users can use the apps in smartphones and smart devices. We aim in delivering a smooth multichannel experience with aligned goals and objectives across all e-commerce platforms. We strive to enhance your business marketing and promotional activities through consistent and strong messages globally.

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Custom Shopping Cart Development

We develop custom shopping carts for your e-commerce business in Bangalore, that comprises all functionalities and in-built features enabling great experience for customers. With our seamless and customized shopping cart development, you will be able to facilitate more audience visits, that result in business revenue enhancement. The users will get the best shopping experience through custom cart development.

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Mobility and Web platforms

Our online store development for retailers, wholesalers, and consumers, in Bangalore, provides advanced web solutions and robust mobile apps solutions. Our development of attractive themes, feature-rich plugins, mobile-friendly user interface, and responsive web apps provide comprehensive solutions with a secure system for all consumers.

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Why Indglobal for E-commerce development in Bangalore, India

Being the most awarded e-commerce development agency in India, Indglobal provides the best services for its customers. Working on the most popular frameworks including Magento 2.2, WooCommerce, PHP, Laravel, Django, Drupal, and ASP.Net, we have become the e-commerce, leaders in providing professional e-commerce solutions.

Fully-optimized Websites or apps

We are digital marketing experts who are into the development of SEO-friendly e-commerce websites or application development. We implement various marketing strategies such as PPC to optimize the e-commerce store with high visibility standards.

A dedicated in-house team of developers

Creating the best product required a good team of developers in an organization; our best-in-class developers and designers will create end-to-end e-commerce solutions. Having in-depth knowledge and experience of certified Magento and WooCommerce designers and testers, we provide world-class e-commerce development services in Bangalore, India.

Safe and Secure E-commerce platform

While operating online, it is important to establish trust among customers regarding security for a brand or website. Our e-commerce development services in bangalore, are based on a hundred percent security with a safe payment gateway. We undertake all the requirements for a secure e-commerce site ensuring secure data storage, PCI compliance, SSL certificates, cloud-based protection, etc.

B2B, B2C, and marketplace e-commerce

We take care of all types of e-commerce development including for business to business, and business to consumer, connecting vendors, buyers, and sellers. Having all kinds of businesses covered, we enable all kinds of businesses to create a robust platform for online selling-buying which is more convenient, available, fully optimized, and renders a higher customer conversion rate.


With the recent developments, the e-commerce sector has also grown to the maximum and is predicted to grow at a high rate every year. For this, e-commerce development companies need to get in touch with all the latest trends which are followed for mobile apps and web app development. Below are some of the emerging trends that are at the forefront and will boom the sector in 2020-

  • Predictive Analysis
  • Voice Search
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Business Models based on subscriptions
  • Social Selling
  • AI chatbots
  • Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality/Mixed Reality
  • Same-day delivery or faster delivery process
  • General Data Protection Regulation
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Control on cart abandonment
  • Social media selling

Normally, e-commerce development is the beginning of new responsibilities and there are various steps involved for e-commerce web development, described as follows-

  1. Defining a Strategy
  2. Choosing a domain and platform
  3. Decision regarding pricing 
  4. Setting up Payments
  5. Designing store 
  6. Adding more products
  7. Responsive Checkout system
  8. Marketing One’s business
  9. SEO optimization and analytics
  10. Continuous improvement

Some of the software applications we develop for e-commerce include enterprise content management, online banking, shopping cart, electronic tickets, domestic/international payment system, and online shopping/order tracking.

Yes, there are various e-commerce development packages available with us that include a full e-commerce package enabling you to sell goods online and receive payments. We integrate secure payment gateways or banking payment systems with e-commerce websites or apps.

For us, customers are the priorities and fulfilling their customized demands is of utmost importance. Our creative team works towards all branding elements that include graphics, colors, and brand identity as it helps in establishing the right tone for a business. We help to create attractive pages for the audience that proves as an appealing factor.


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