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Businesses aim for the best customer journey, by supporting and delivering flawless omnichannel system. By omnichannel approach, it is meant that customers can have interaction related to the products and services by the means of more than one channel, and can execute their purchasing process. For example, if a customer is stuck at the checkout process after putting a product in the shopping cart, and gets no response on the web or application, he/she will be disappointed. However, at the same time, if he/she gets an option for assistance through support and is guided towards a seamless exit process along with some discount provided, it will be a matter of delight. So, omnichannel operations allow businesses to bridge the gap and helps retain and delight customers throughout their buying journey. eCommerce web design & development at IndGlobal assures synchronization of stores present online as well as offline. If a customer selects and keeps a product in the cart through an online platform, he/she can get it picked up from the store after smooth and faster assistance.

Today, businesses are highly competitive and want to reach and convert customers at the earliest. Having an omnichannel system allows flexibility for the customers to use apps in smart devices and smartphones. The customers are offered with the integrated user experience across digital and physical stores for purchasing.


  • NBA- Next Best Action
  • FCR- First Contact Resolution
  • CSAT- Customer Satisfaction
  • AHT- Average Handling Time
  • CES- Customer Effort Score

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For a great omnichannel experience, all the sales approaches should work together in collaboration. There are a variety of platforms to approach customers including online and offline mediums such as websites, social media, email, social networking, apps, campaigns, offline stores, exhibitions, etc. Businesses synchronizing well with all of these mediums to offer a rich customer experience are successful in rendering omnichannel benefits. We at IndGlobal have expertise who takes care of your business needs for effective omnichannel e-commerce development. We ensure that your investment in multi-channel social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, to name a few, supports you immensely for enriching customer journey. Our robust e-commerce mobile and web development are SEO friendly that ensure business to gain high visibility and customer reach.



  • Aligned goal and objectives across each platform
  • More than what multi-channel experience offers
  • Powerful planning and strategies
  • Enhance marketing and servicing efforts
  • Consistent marketing messages
  • Effective brand voice and message
  • Flawless and prompt customer support
  • Affordable and ease of use tactic
  • Moving ahead with digital transformation
  • Use of the latest technologies and integrated systems
  • Overcome a rigid business culture


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