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Customers are attracted to an e-commerce website comprising all essential in-built functionality including product showcase, descriptions, shipping rates, shopping cart design, easy guest checkout, varied payment options, support and contact information. Having these features in place, a shopping platform can create a wholesome experience for customers. This, in turn, can facilitate regular customer visits and an increase in business revenue. IndGlobal is engaged in rendering high-quality services for the development of custom shopping carts. The role of a shopping cart is in assisting the purchase of a product or service. It further provides a seamless medium for customer payment and also helps in information distribution to multiple parties including merchant and payment processor. Our custom shopping cart development ensures a faultless execution helping customers with the best experience of shopping.

An e-commerce platform is a quintessential parameter for business growth and expansion. It enriches the user experience and brings customer satisfactory levels to the maximum. Also, makes people glad and excited to explore a wide variety of products and services offered with the appropriate information as well as discounts. With a robust shopping cart software on an e-commerce website or app, visitors can make their choices from countless products, select items and keep them saved for later or eventual purchase. Doing this, it helps the customers to save time and complete the shopping process in their convenient moment. In the meantime, they can even change their decisions for other valuable products they had eyed on earlier. This gives them flexibility and freedom of choice with limitless time. This also helps in zero cart abandonment during the purchasing process, as the shopping cart is strengthened by flawless checkout, shipping, and delivery.


  • Open source
  • Licensed
  • Hosted

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At IndGlobal, our talented developers are engaged in creating a shopping cart using Magento that provides endless opportunities for customizations. The availability of thousands of extensions and plug-ins help developers to get a variety of options for exploration and innovation. One can develop a custom shopping cart, right from scratch or can also make a few modifications here and there. The Magento tool is highly flexible allowing for high scalability options according to the business requirements. Similarly, we are also engaged in custom Woocommerce and Shopify shopping cart development.



  • Easy setup
  • Availability of free themes
  • In-built necessary functionality
  • Marketing tools
  • Trial basis usage
  • One page checkout
  • Over 100 professional themes
  • Drag and Drop feature
  • Flexible options

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