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Today, firms strive to become the best in the market place. But, due to some factors like higher competition, rapid changes in the market, and more, many of them are not able to achieve better efficiency and progress. For this reason, companies adopt new technological applications such as ERP software solutions. An ERP application is a data management instrument to optimize and automate major company activities by viewing and sharing data. It can assist you in organizing, automating, and enhancing your company. These ERP solutions can be modified according to the changes that occur in the business and within the industry.

You likely seek an advanced ERP system in order to automate your back office tasks, whether your company is an SME or a large scale enterprise. Indglobal, one of the prominent Custom ERP Service Providers, offers you the best ERP software solutions across the world. As an adequate tool for improving your business efficiency, custom ERP solutions help you facilitate processes across manufacturing, sales, finance, marketing, procurement, services, and HR management. Besides, our ERP solutions assist you in achieving the creative benefit of technology, increasing productivity, and handling the complex business ecosystem.

Our Speciality

  • Better Customization
  • International market experience
  • Quality and affordability
  • Expert ERP consultants
  • Smart analytics
  • Helps in best decision making

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A Custom ERP Application Benefits

  • Elimination of manual operations
  • Streamline business processes
  • Easy data collection
  • Improved security
  • Better customer services
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Elimination of duplication of efforts
  • Better communication inside the company
  • Enhanced ROI
  • Real-time data access, etc..

ERP System - Main Modules

We have a range of excellent ERP software solutions in various categories. With a modular structure of the ERP solutions, they are categorized into different modules such as:-

  • Sales and distribution module
  • Project management module
  • Financial module
  • Human resource management module
  • CRM module
  • Supply chain management module


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