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CRM customization is a process of addition or alteration of current CRM characteristics to make them more appropriate for the needs of any company. Custom fields, like leads, contacts or possibilities, are added to CRM organizations to obtain extra data which is not allowed by default. The CRM customization consists of using modern instruments for sales and marketing automation to generate particular customer-related situations. Customized inclusion of non-CRM tools and services also includes the customization form.

We begin with a CRM customization scheme for you based on a common concept: maintain track of contacts, clients, possibilities, and orders, and you will see increased revenues. Take into consideration your plans for development if you consider CRM for a small business. Here, you need a CRM scheme to develop with you as your company grows. A Salesforce CRM offers excellent CRM choices from the basic to the personalized, so that you can maintain data entered in the fundamental program as you do customization. It’s a time saver and prevents expensive conversion issues.

What Do We do?

  • Create custom entities
  • Customized business process flows
  • Customize workflows
  • Edit dashboards
  • Expand standard views

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Components of CRM customization


Leads, contacts and accounts, for instance, are all entities. They are classifications for which data is collected. You can modify current entities' names and characteristics or ultimately generate and monitor new custom entities. This kind of CRM customization allows you to monitor and monitor your path flexibly.


Fields are particular pieces of entity-related data. It includes a business name or telephone number, for instance.


Forms consist of areas of data entry where your customers enter the system data. You can customize forms to make your CRM system work fine with your team. To define the entries, your team can create new, customized forms or modify existing ones.


To guarantee simple access to data that you think is most essential for your customers, you can generate customized or default dashboards. On the other hand, your users can create custom dashboards based on their needs and preferences.


Workflows are actions or a series of pre-set laws governing activities. CRM customizations for workflows are extremely essential now. We assist you in standardizing and automating your company procedures so that effectiveness and precision are improved and better customer experience can be developed.

Web Resources

Web resources are the platforms of data that we can get out of the internet. They include;

  • Web pages
  • Web services
  • E-mail
  • Information from databases


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