Online Delivery Mobile App & Web development Company in Bangalore, India

Delivery Mobile App & web services & solution company in Bangalore, India

Grocery experience is easier with a mobile application prototype; not only groceries now, but we can also have delivery of medicines and food at doorsteps easily within an hour.

So, what are you waiting for? Let your customers enjoy the momentous deliveries of all what they want…!!!

So, here at Indglobal, we research many important aspects of customer behaviour before designing a mobile application and the areas of concern are food and grocery delivery, online shopping, and cooking behaviour.

Our research included the following questions which were asked to a number of a wide variety of people worldwide:

  • Have you ever ordered groceries/food/pharmacy from an e-store before?
  • What kind of problems do you face when ordering food/groceries/medicines online?
  • Do you follow a recipe while cooking a meal?
  • What are the main challenges you face while cooking from a recipe?
  • Have you maintained a grocery-list for buying every month?

Getting answers to these questions really helped us to narrow down the topics and analyse the answers for getting the suitable designing of the mobile app for customers. We were able to find out the major challenges, people’s expectations and ways to improvise what we can offer. Similarly, we perform research on the requirement of medicines or food.

From all the insights obtained, we were able to create two kinds of user personas, people who cook for their families every day and prefer economical and healthy food and shops on a monthly basis from supermarkets that they find exhausting many times. And the other kind who spend most of the time working but likes exploring new cuisines and sometimes cooks for families and friends on weekends and shop at supermarkets to select their own fresh food.

Problem– With this, we were able to recognize the problem statement of finding an exhaustive and time-consuming activity to go to supermarkets for buying groceries or food.

Solution– This problem could be solved by our top-notch mobile application development company that could deliver a customized online platform for selling-buying experiences for people. Food delivery market has been growing and competitors have plenty to gain from as it is always the need of the hour to curb hunger.

Below are the features for different users of the mobile app development 

For Admin:

  • Managing dashboard with complete information of driver count, completed order count, customer count and pending order count
  • Generating kilometre histories of drivers
  • User signup functionality
  • Highlights driver list with complete data and generate a report

Food, Grocery, and Pharmacy Store Mobile App, India
Food, Grocery, and Pharmacy Store Mobile App, Bengaluru
Food, Grocery, and Pharmacy Store Mobile App

For Delivery Person:

  • Notification to the driver with auto-assign delivery
  • Tracking of driver kilometre history using GPS
  • Management of delivery status accepted/picked/delivered/payment/rating
  • Integrated emergency messaging feature to the customer in case of any problem from the driver side during delivery
  • Drive ratings and feedback for the customers
  • Management of Driver wallet

Food, Grocery, and Pharmacy Store Mobile Apps, India

For Customers/Corporate Users:

  • Booking online orders depending upon locations
  • Tracking of the delivery and driver location
  • Providing Ratings and feedback on the orders
  • Corporate users can do easy login and place bookings

Online Delivery App & Web development Company in Bangalore India
Online Delivery App & Web development Company in Bangalore India

For Websites:

  • Delivery tracking system
  • Delivery management system
  • Easy booking for users
  • Wallet management dor drivers
  • Travelling history management of drivers

Online Delivery App & Web development Company in Bangalore India

We recently delivered a useful grocery/food/pharmacy store delivery mobile app with a highly functional and responsive admin panel. It included a wide variety of features that includes the following:

  • Google Maps to discover and explore restaurants, pharmacies, groceries, stores at nearby places.
  • Payment gateways enabling cash on delivery, wallets and net banking options to pay as well as receive earnings and cashback.
  • Attractive animations with swiping and sliding options that also grabs your quick attention to the essentials.
  • Dark and Night themes for switching to different modes as per the requirement.
  • Multi-languages options that have easy to translate facilities for your preferred language.
  • Convenient tracking of orders and receive notifications when there are updates for status and orders.
  • Push notifications to receive alerts when an order is completed, along with changed status.


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